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Sunnah Fasts? (Monday/thursday)

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1757.* Fasting is Mustahab on every day of a year except those on which it is haraam or Makrooh to observe a fast. Some of them which have been strongly recommended, are mentioned here:


(i) The first and last Thursday of every month and the first Wednesday after the 10th of a month. If a person does not observe these fasts it is Mustahab that he gives their qadha. And if he is incapable of fasting, it is Mustahab for him to give one mudd of food or prescribed coined silver to poor. (ii) 13th, 14th and 15th day of every month. (iii) On all days of Rajab and Shaban or on as many days as it is possible to fast, even though it may be one day only. (iv) The day of Eid Nawroz. (v) From the 4th up to the 9th of the month of Shawwal. (vi) The 25th and 29th day of the month of Zi qa'da. (vii) From the 1st day to the 9th day (i.e. 'Arafa day) of the month of Zil hajj. But if, it is not possible for one to recite the Duas of 'Arafa due to weakness caused by fasting, it is Makrooh to fast on that day. (viii) The auspicious day of Ghadir (18th Zil hajj). (ix) The auspicious day of Mubahala (24th Zil hajj). (x) The 1st, 3rd and 7th day of Muharram. (xi) The birthday of the Holy Prophet (17th Rabi'ul awwal). (xii) 15th day of Jumadi'ul oola. Fasting is also recommended on 27th of Rajab - the day the Prophet (s.a.w.a.) declared his Prophethood.

If a person observes a Mustahab fast, it is not obligatory on him to complete it. In fact, if one of his brethren-in-faith invites him to a meal, it is Mustahab that he accepts the invitation and breaks the fast during the day time even if it may be after Zuhr.


Rules: http://www.duas.org/fast_rules.htm



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I know that Sunni do "Sunnah fasting" on Mondays and Thursdays, or every second day.  Do Shia do this? What are the rules behind it?


If you do it the 13th 14th 15th of every month it's as if you did it the whole month!!!

Same with doing wudu before bed-- as if you prayed the entire night!!!

And reciting Surah Ikhlas 3 times is the same as reading the entire Holy Quran!!!



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