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Persian Language Learning Pack - Torrent

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Farsi / Persian Language Learning Pack
A great source collection for Persian Language Studies. You can download these files using any torrent software. (It has some extra files for Dari and Tajiki accents which you can study after learning the modern Persian)


01.Living Language Farsi A Complete Course for Beginners Audio.rar
01.Living Language Farsi A Complete Course for Beginners.pdf
02.Teach Yourself Modern Persian (2004) Audio.rar
02.Teach Yourself Modern Persian (2004).pdf
03.Teach Yourself Modern Persian (1973).pdf
04.The Routledge Introductory Persian Course Audio.rar
04.The Routledge Introductory Persian Course Supplement.pdf
04.The Routledge Introductory Persian Course.pdf
05.Written and Spoken Persian.pdf
06.Colloquial Persian Audio.rar
06.Colloquial Persian.pdf
07.Lehrbuch der persischen Sprache.pdf
08.Beginner's Dari Persian Audio.rar
08.Beginner's Dari Persian.pdf
09.Persian Grammar for Reference and Revision.pdf
10.Defence Language Institute Persian Reader.pdf
11.Lonely Planet Farsi (Persian) Phrasebook.pdf
12.Persian Phrase Dictionary and Study Guide Audio.rar
12.Persian Phrase Dictionary and Study Guide.pdf
13.English-Persian Phrasebook With Useful Word List.pdf
14.The Concise Persian-English Dictionary.djvu
15.A Beginner's Guide To Tajiki.djvu
16.Samouchitel Tadzhikskogo Yazyka (1989).djvu
17.Samouchitel Tadzhikskogo Yazyka (1993).pdf
18.Languages of the World - Tajik.pdf
19.Tajiki Reference Grammar for Beginners.pdf
20.Tajik Persian Reference Grammar.djvu

Farsi - Persian Language Learning Pack.zip

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