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Mob Destroys Ebola Center In Liberia Two Days After It Opens


A mob descended on the center at around 5:30 p.m., chanting, “No Ebola in West Point! No Ebola in West Point!” They stormed the front gate and pushed into the holding center. They stole the few gloves someone had donated this morning, and the chlorine sprayers used to disinfect the bodies of those who die here, all the while hollering that Ebola is a hoax.

They ransacked the protective suits, the goggles, the masks. They destroyed part of Tarplah’s car as he was fleeing the crowd.

Jemimah Kargbo, a health care worker at a clinic next door, said they took mattresses and bedding, utensils and plastic chairs.


Read more: http://www.buzzfeed.com/jinamoore/two-days-after-it-opens-mob-destroys-ebola-center-in-liberia#1svctxi


Im sure racism and colonialism is to blame for all this.

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This will be devastating for Liberia.  Seventeen people with ebola disappear into a 60,000 person slum.  


Liberia may become the first country to become a quarantine zone.


The ignorance of a few has unleashed a terrible disease that will kill thousands.



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This will be devastating for Liberia. Seventeen people with ebola disappear into a 60,000 person slum.

Liberia may become the first country to become a quarantine zone.

The ignorance of a few has unleashed a terrible disease that will kill thousands.


The world needs to completely abandon west Africa. Let God take care of it.

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Looks like some of the patients also ran away from the facility or we're dragged out by the looters:


Ebola crisis: Confusion as patients vanish in Liberia


"This is one of the stupidest things I have ever seen in my life," he said. "All between the houses you could see people fleeing with items looted from the patients."




I swear to God if this becomes a world wide pandemic and millions lose their lives i will never forgive these people for their stupidity and i hope they all burn in hell. Hopefully i am overreacting.

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Constructive criticism is always good, but I am starting to wonder if Deewan  and others are  ostriches.


(Rather than face fear, sticks its head in the sand.)


Actually, Deewan is a medical student and quite used to calling BS when he sees it ;)

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If someone wants to read some "silly" beliefs that people might grow during a growing fear , lol read this 



Important alert from Chinese state media: No, Ebola isn’t a ‘zombie virus’
By Elahe Izadi August 15
Now it can be told: This will not happen to you if you are infected with Ebola. (Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

Everybody, calm down. Ebola isn't a "zombie virus." It will not turn you into a member of the living dead.

That's the message delivered by Chinese state media, in response to the flurry of rumors, online and presumably elsewhere, about the deadly virus that's ravaging West Africa.

A recent article published by the state-run Xinhua News Agency debunks various assertions about the virus.

According to a translation from Foreign Policy, some people erroneously believe that once people die from Ebola, they can "unexpectedly reawaken, entering into an extremely violent condition in which they bite any moving object, including humans and animals."


On the contrary, an expert said, Ebola victims actually get weaker, not stronger, because they lose so much blood. Additionally, coming back from the dead as a zombie (whether of the traditional slow or new-age fast variety) "can only happen in the movies," the expert said. Noted.

Another rumor that's taken off in China: You can cure Ebola by drinking coffee mixed with raw onions. Nope! (The aromatic elixir would likely fend off people, yes, but not the deadly Ebola virus.)

Nonetheless, Chinese officials are on high alert as the worst Ebola outbreak in history rages on. They have declared that passengers arriving from West Africa will go through special channels at China's airports; state media even released a photo of Nigerians being examined by Chinese health workers wearing full-body hazmat suits.

Ebola has killed more than 1,000 people,  mostly in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, and the World Health Organization now says the outbreak'stoll has been vastly underestimated.

China isn't the only place where wild Ebola rumors have spread rapidly; in West Africa, rumors and misinformation have had deadly consequences. Health workers have had to combat the notion among some West Africansthat the virus doesn't even exist.

As for a zombie outbreak, the United States appears to be well-prepared for the walking dead, thanks to the Zombie Preparedness Initiative from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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My area Internet has been down for a day.


17-18Aug 2014:


ABC News, 17Aug14, 1412 hrs EDT; "Ebola Fears Rise as Clinic is Looted"


--deeply upset over "suspected patients and took items including bloody sheets and matresses"


--in West Point slum of 50,000 in Monrovia


Al-Jazeera and Washington Post["Why the escape of Ebola patients...",18Aug] are reporting the same.


US News and World Report [18Aug] says there were 17 patients that fled the mob


Daily Mail, 18Aug14, "Nigerian Woman suspected of Ebola dies in U.A.E." 1009EST

--the plane has been disinfected.

--Ethijad Airlines

--Medical Daily is reporting her husband is under quarantine

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18Aug14 News Updates:


ABC News, 18Aug14, 1422hrs EDT  "Ebola Outbreak Worsens..."

in headed sections,

---"Mob Loots Liberia Ebola Center"

------37 fled, 20 returned, 17 missing

------were "forcibly removed by vandals and looters" said Gov't Information Minister Lewis Brown


--"More Americans Tested for Ebola"

-------a woman in New Mexico who traveled to Sierra Leone

-------6 people have been tested before, ALL negative


Nigerian Tribune, 19Aug14, "Doctors Strike: State President wades in"

---Senate President Davis Mark held a closed-door meeting with the Nigerian Medical Association Sunday night (local time -ed.)

---Mark will communicate their concerns to Pres. Jonathon

---Mark appealed to their patriotism

---"grievances...include improved hazard allowance for medical and healthcare workers, payment of 10 months arrears, as well as an appointment of surgeon-general of federation"

---also, reverse sacking 16,000 residents before "further negotiation"

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PBS News Hour, 18Aug14 1800 hours EDT


--Sierra Leone President Ernest Bai Koroma has "appealed for more international help".


--Kenya has closed its borders for travelers from the affect countries


--Medicine sans Frontiers on Sunday, has opened a new 120 bed treatment site in Monrovia :yaali:,the largest such center in history


--John Moore of Getty Images witnessed and photographed the attack on that clinic Saturday night

----the mob drove away the health workers and the police, broke through the isolation doors and told the people inside that "they really didn't have Ebola at all"..."that they were sick from other causes and it was safe to come out". :sick:

----they crowd said Ebola "is a hoax" and a "plot to bring in international money"

----the isolated patients were there for observation, not because they are confirmed Ebola cases,

----this occurred in a closed primary school used by the Liberian Health Ministry

----this "clinic" was poorly equipped, had about "no medicine there",  not even aspirin, gave water for headaches

----this primary school was built by USAID

----"schools, hospitals and clinics are all closed", but gov't health workers are going throughout the city explaining things to people.

----no sense of panic, but if you have non-Ebola health issues, you can get no care, "so people are getting sick and dying from things they should not otherwise" die from.

----the health care system has collapsed


----John Moore traveled to Liberia with a full set of PPE (moon suits) and gets decontaminated.


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godzapostle and David66


Reference to your posts 47&50 and 48 respectively:


Hope your not eating :sick:


Emirates 24/7 News quoting AFP, 19Aug14 "17 Ebola patients flee..."


--quote: "Wilmont Johnson, head of a youth association in West Point which organized a search for the patients, told journalists Monday (the 18th -ed.) that 'those who saw them (the vandals and raiders of the clinic -ed.) passing told us they have gone into other communities'."


--quote: "The head of the Health Workers Association of Liberia, George Williams, said 29 patients in the raided unit 'all had test positive for Ebola' and were receiving preliminary treatment before being taken to hospital."


--bodies are still not collected (as in post #33, 10Aug14 above)


--the African Union on Monday the 18th "cancelled its summit scheduled for September 02 in Ouagadougou" even though Burkina Faso is 'unaffected' so far


--quote: "EU border agency Frontex said it was suspending flights deporting migrants back to Nigeria because of the outbreak"

-opine saying this is probably a mistake as this will encourage more migrants and drownings in the Mediterranean.


-opine: George Williams' statement about "preliminary treatment" contradicts that other reports about the quality of care and that of John Moore in post #57 ("didn't have aspirin" or there for "observation")

Edited by hasanhh

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More :sick:


Liberian Observer, "Transport Hike,..." by Edwin M. Fayia III


--the hike in transpot fees has "restricted the movement of food" even though these hikes are illegal


--"greater Monrovia has depopulated dramatically" in about the last 10 days


Daily Observer, (Liberia) 19Aug14, "AFL Ordered to Shoot Anyone Crossing Borders at Night"

--the Armed Forces of Liberia has these instructions for people crossing from Sierra Leone


Daily Observer, 0453hrs(local) 19Aug14 "Ebola Situation Worsens" (--just the headline-ed.)


Awareness Times, "Sierra Leone News: Thieves Break into Ebola Isolation Ward in Bo City", by Hassan Juana Koroma in Bo, 18Aug14 1210hrs(local)

--a 0300hr break-in under the cover of pouring rain at Bo Gov't Hospital on 12Aug14

--6 patients were in that ward

--tents, tarpaulins, buckets, beds, phones, shoes were some of the items stolen

--now, Ebola "has spread like wildfire"

--opine question: why did it take a week to report this?

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More Bad News:  19Aug14 1500hrs EDT


BloombergBusinessWeek, "Ebola Dead Can't Be Buried in Liberia Amid Shortage of Body Bags" by Simon Bennett(in Geneva) 19Aug


Business Standard "Two suspected cases...Austria"


Daily Mirror, 1912hrs(Berlin local) "Ebola Crisis: "600 people quarantined in Berlin after woman collapses in job center"

-other info added in article:

----1229 in the WHO "West Africa count"

----the 17 patients that had not returned to the raided clinic Saturday night have been found


John Moore of Getty Images has photos online of some of the stolen mattresses from the West Point Clinic (School Room actually) [see post 57 about Moore]


----they were thrown onto the beach




Opine: Just thought of this: colleges are about to start, so we will have students returning from Europe, et alia. Such as from Germany and party city Berlin and Austria.

Edited by hasanhh

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Good News:


ABC Online (Australia), compiled from AFP and Reuters; [1722hrs EDT equivalent]


"Ebola Crisis: Two Austrian men given all clear"




Other items, same article:


-- Cameroon has closed its borders with Nigeria


--airline crews are refusing to work some flights, e.g. Air France are refusing to fly to Guinea

I don't blame them.

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Late Update:


SFGate, 19Aug14, 1846 PDT, "Patient checked for Ebola Virus at Kaiser hospital in Sacramento", by Vivian Ho

---results in "a few days" as the sample goes to CDC


Jamaica Observer, 19Aug14 2117hrs, "Trinidad calls for CARICOM meeting on Ebola and Chikungunya threat"

---CARIbbean COMmunity

---Chikungunya is a Category 3 alphavirus that also attacks endothelial cells

---mostly spread by Aedes aegypti  mosquitoes. See post #19 for its distribution in the USA.

---also spread by the Aedes adolphus -Aisian Tiger mosquitoe- but not as easily.


(KFVS) "Carmi company looks to play role in Ebola fight"

Carmi, IL --Elastic/American Marine has a product MediBurn which is a portable medical waste incinerator using a microwave oven. Produced since the 1990s.


Nigerian Tribune, 20Aug14, "Nigeria can stop Ebola Virus spread -WHO"

--Nigeria and Guinea Republic were praised for their efforts.

--Nigeria has started a hand-washing campaign

--says the woman in Germany had "fainted" and emergency responders took "precautions". Also said she had traveled to Nigeria (the report cited above said Sierra Leone -ed.)

Edited by hasanhh

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Wed, 20Aug14:


Daily Post [Nigeria] 20 Aug14, "REVEALED: How Dr. Adadevoh saved Nigerian lives from Ebola"

--Ameyo Stella Adadevoh, an endocrinologist had forced Liberian-American Finance attaché Patric Sawyer to remain in bed when Sawyer tried to remove his drip and leave the hospital

another article said;

--she was also under pressure by the Liberian Ambassador to Nigeria to release Sawyer


This is a big difference than the nurse above in posts 39 and 40 above.


NOTE: There is a petition to have her remembered by a posthumous honor --


New York Daily News, 20Aug14 1058hrs EDT; "New Ebola quarantine measures incite anger, protests in Liberia"

--night time curfew and sealing off the West Point slum


--another report says people are also denied entry and troops have already fired shots into the air


John Moore, Getty Images, 20Aug14

--a photograph of Miata Flowers' family  being evacuated by police/military from the West Point slum. Ms. Flowers -who is the District Commissioner- is "detained" by angry residents.


--as describe in other and previous news articles, people are blaming the gov't, aid workers, ...(opine: anybody) for the Ebola Crisis. Even denying there is Ebola.


[AP], 20Aug14, "Lynchburg-area schools screening for Ebola";

--this includes Liberty University, other area colleges and high schools with exchange students

--Lynchburg has 20 exchange students from Nigeria

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Late, 20Aug14:


WHO, according to boston.com , reports 1350 deaths and 2473 cases as of 18Aug14


Independent Online, [iol.co.za] "Clashes in Liberia as Ebola Fear Spreads", 21Aug14, by Clair MacDougall


Opine: from the reporting, Liberia currently has 45+ death-per-day from Ebola alone.


---Liberia Ministry of Health's warehouse has "run out of rubber boots and bottles of hand sanitizer", items critical to controlling the spread of Ebola.


--food and water shortages have already occurred in the West Point slum and prices for such "spiked" when quarantine was imposed.


--WHO is quoted as saying that without air and sea transportation, there are "shortages of fuel, food and basic supplies"


-- "...so far there has been only a trickle of additional foreign healthcare workers to affected nations" (emphasis added)


CNN is carrying an appeal/report by Liberian official G. Gerou

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I am not sure why this is making a global fear. So far, it did not get beyond its borders. Those who were moved out of Africa either died or cured. In either way, they were handled properly to prevent the spread of the illness. The problem is with Liberia non existing medical system.

The number of death is almost fixed now , 1200+ person. No dramatic increase in the number although Liberia is unable to contain it.




BUT, since the Ebola is naturally found in Africa with multiple strains, this piece of news worth attention.


Report: Potential signs of Ebola virus in Congo

By Elise Viebeck - 08/20/14 12:00 PM EDT

The Democratic Republic of Congo is investigating potential evidence of the Ebola virus there, a sign that the deadly illness may have spread to a fifth country. 

Congo's health minister and a team of experts were sent to a northern province after a group of locals died from a sickness that resembled Ebola, sources told Reuters on Wednesday. 

If confirmed as Ebola, the presence of the virus in Congo could open a new hot spot for an illness that has already killed more than 1,200 West Africans in its latest outbreak. 

The World Health Organization and its U.S. partners have struggled so far to contain the virus in Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Nigeria. 

Ebola causes massive internal hemorrhaging and has no cure or vaccine. The supply of promising experimental treatments is low, making containment the primary goal of global health officials. 

A spokesman for the governor of Congo's Equateur province told Reuters he could not confirm that the deaths were from Ebola. 

A local resident said about 10 people had died after experiencing flu-like symptoms and bleeding from the face. 

Read more: http://thehill.com/policy/healthcare/215580-report-potential-signs-of-ebola-in-congo#ixzz3B1IosaVw 
Follow us: @thehill on Twitter | TheHill on Facebook

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I remember reading Romeo & Juliet (or some other story from that era) and how cities would literally wall themselves off from the rest of the world to prevent diseases from coming to their populations. We have been spoiled with safety from such diseases, thank Allah swt.


I wouldn't be surprised if something like this happens with countries closing themselves off. That recent Planet of the Apes movies is no joke.

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thuglife: from American history, we have had this behavior. Not just the Yellow Fever hysteria, but one town in the Northern Plains was closed by the USArmy by order of Pres.Grant until it died out. My parents(b.1920) and grandparents told stories of quarantine being an annual event.


Voice of America, 21Aug14, 1600hrs EDT,  "Funding, Coordination May Affect Fight Against Ebola", by William Eagle


--quote: "This month the World Health Organization declared the Ebola outbreak in West Africa a global health emergency"


-quote: "The US Gov't is deploying a number of agencies including the Department of State, Dept. of Health and Human Services, Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Dept of Defense"


--the article includes critical comments by Laurie Garrett, council of Foreign Relations and expresses other concerns.


--in short, the next time you are sitting at a stop light, think of a Chinese fire drill   :cry:


An opine in the Daily Caller, "The Ebola Outbreak Deserves Responsible Reporting"

--quote: "using the crisis to boost their profile"

--slams the New York   Times article, "In the Grip of Ebola" by Wade Williams

my opine: most of the stuff I am finding is hollow junk with no or little info.


Today, two missionaries were released from Emory University and another location after battling/surviving Ebola

In an article describing behind-the-scenes maneuvering and how "non-essential-personnel" -id est "get the white people out" by the hundreds-- and the tens-of-millions of US tax dollars these evilgelicals get, see:

"Ebola Outbreak: Billy Graham's son declares righteous war on the virus"


The caption for the picture reads: "A Christian charity's efforts to save missionaries trapped in Africa by the crisis have been justifiably praised. But doubts remain about its evilgelical motives."

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Trying to follow-up on Germany, I found only:Sahara Reports, 20Aug14, "Fear of Ebola Grip Germany and France in two recent Incidents" about the woman who fainted in the job center in Berlin

---Quoting der Bild newspaper, the woman said "she had recently been in contact with people infected with Ebola"


European News 22Aug14, quotes MSF President Liu that a 40 bed facility is "overrun with 137 people, who pack the hallway."

--"It's absolutely dangerous", Liu told the AP


"Lack of Leadership hurts Ebola Fight in West Africa: MSF, Reuters, 21Aug14 1652EDT


Without citing sources,

--the Irishman found dead test results for Ebola are due Friday.

--An Englishman found dead did not have Ebola --he had also recently returned from Ebola infected areas.

--Companies are pulling out employees. China is extracting, too.

--CDC is sending 50 epidemiologists


Awareness Times, 21Aug14, section on Ebola news headline "Ebola Drops Crime Rate in Bo"

-another article says the MSF is opening in Gondwama an Ebola treatment center for 35.

Edited by hasanhh

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godzapostle: I agree with you. As you know, most living areas in the 3rd World are open sewers. And it's not just

.                      the unsanitary conditions among people and buildings, but also -as I wrote above-the flies.



Now, some good news:


ITAR-TASS is reporting that the Louis Pasteur Institute of St. Petersburg has sent a team into the Guinea Republic arriving in Conarchy. Coordination will be through the Russian Embassy. :yaali:


Channel 4 News (Ireland): the Irishman that collapsed and died did not have Ebola, but had been treated for Malaria. Cause of death is not stated. The article also describes how his family, the Quinns, only found out about him through the media.


theGuardian, Fri, 22Aug14, 1106hrs EDT -a few minutes ago- "Fear and False Alarms as Ebola puts Europe on Alert",


--The woman in Germany -who said she was in contact with Ebola infected people- was taken to hospital while 600 remained at the job center under quarantine for two hours. The woman's test was completed in 2 hours and she does not have Ebola, but an intestinal virus -which caused her to faint. Why this wasn't reported on the Net before, escapes me.

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