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Help! Rumi In Farsi Wedding

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Hello everyone,

I'm new here and hope someone would be kind enough to help me as I was recommended this is the place to come. I am getting married and wish to have a poem by Rumi as part of the ceremony. I want it read in both English and Farsi as my fiancé is from Iranian background and I thought it would be really nice to have both the original script and the translation (so everyone else who isn't Farsi speaking understands). I want the poem 'The most alive moment'. I can't find it anywhere is Farsi and I really want the original not simply a Google translate that I can easily do myself. I'd be so grateful for any help. If my search for this particular poem is futile, do any of you have any other suggestions for poems by Persian poets that are suitable for a wedding or about love?

Thank you.

The poem is below.

The most living moment comes when those

who love each other meet each other’s eyes

and in what flows between them then.

To see your face in a crowd of others,

or alone on a frightening street,

I weep for that.

Our tears improve the earth.

The time you scolded me, your gratitude,

your laughing,

always your qualities increase the soul.

Seeing you

is a wine that does not muddle or numb.

We sit inside the cypress shadow

where amazment and clear thought

twine its growth into it.

- Rumi

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