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The Snowden Revelations Ll -Your Brain

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Another loT (lnternet of Trouble) headache:

CCleaner was hacked and now permeates millions of personal computer devices:


To see about CCleaner http://www.piriform.com/search?q=ccleaner&p=4 

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Another creepy --to me anyway. Also tag as AI


"The Google Clips Camera puts AI behind the lens"

No display, etc. The camera decides what pictures to take and also uses facial recognition.


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Chip Control ...

as l entitle this.

To combat drug cheats in sports there is the proposal to embed chips in people's bodies.

https://www.acsh.org/news/2017/10/11/embed-microchips-olympians-halt-drug-cheats-official-says-11946     .

lf we didn't have enough personal intrusions.

Now how long will it take before some fascism freak to imagine, "Hey, we could do this to everybody to 'win' the drug wars."

Not long at all. l already did.

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Because of the online postings, l selected this thread about "online threats to your I3rain"

Creepy, Disgusting and Childish Warning: 


l got my reference to this from NHK-Tokyo. ln NHK's news report, women looking for hidden cameras even under toilet rims.

A technician who runs a search service said, 1) commercially available cameras have lens the size of a pencil lead making them difficult to find; 2) to help find them, turn off lights and use the flashlight on your cell phone to scan rooms, areas and fixtures/furniture. The lens will reflect this light.

No Comments, please.

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The "suspicious" activity is not in the starry-eyed public, dear Mark-us,  but within our FaceBook who bethinks U.S underlings.

[or untermenschen if you are a neo-Nazi]

--apologies to Wm. Shakespeare, Julius Caesar, Act 1, Scene 2

Under the pretense of securing  US public from "suspicious activity" of multiple users who wish to manipulate ... whatever ... FarceBook is now requiring users to provide a clear, machine recognizable selfie picture to manage accounts.

Of course, Big Mother Gov't and her Stasi-witch-sisters are overjoyed. Kim Jong-un has now expressed interest in acquiring smartphones for his people with the same face-recognition technology to ferret out hidden untermenschen and other political undesirables. President Trump today, 29Nov17, again re-tweeted anti-Muslim rhetoric he acquired from the UK.


Opine: Maybe Zookieburp should change his first name to from Markus to Mockus.


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"No civil discourse, no cooperation, misinformation, mistruth," because teens, 92%, essentially live on social media, with 1 in 5 waking up at night to check for messages or to send them.

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The "HTTPS" is not more secure, but now less secure for you. Be careful online and do not give in to impulsive actions.


Edited by Hameedeh
Updated the broken link.

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Here, passwords are identified as the weakest link on computer security: https://www.nsa.gov/news-features/news-stories/2017/nsa-has-swag.shtml 

An article summarizing how a hacker can lay-back and wait can be found at Wikipedia "Keystroke Logging" article.

Be Safe --- Be Paranoid

Euphemisms in your content is a basic security practice.

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Ref next above.

ln a cheap public relations ploy, CVS Pharmacy announced it will ban digitally altered images on 'beauty products'.


Advertising photographers have always altered product. Air brushing, painting food, photographing through gauze, and so forth.

OPINE: So why this pretense at honesty?

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