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The Snowden Revelations Ll -Your Brain

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National Security Breach + Another Thing to Worry About  :ranting:

1] Clinton Foundation Hacked:


{This link appears not to be working. Enter title and search.}

The FBI, NSA and CIA are investigating. This is part of a foreign operation targeting 4,000 politicians and political actors inside the USA. The links are informative. Foreign connections are also targeted. (Opine: In addition to this, probably a partial payback for the US intrusions into European leaders personal lives.)

2] Hillar's Private, Unsecured Email Server, @ clintonemail.com, ...

Last year, @hameedeh and l discussed intrusions into our printers. l had gotten a "request" to monitor my printer, l refused, but then found their icon with printer search going on my computer. Some of us could have guessed this happened -but, l didn't- the following:

Krebs "On Security" republished the findings of FarSight's March 2015 report that the memory from Hillar's printer was hacked and the contents copied. :shock::scarerun:   <--Shock & Horror


3] http://examiner.com/article/isis-promotes-us-kill-list-while-guccifer-works-with-fbi 

lSlL "kill list" inside our USA

lSlL using social media has compiled and published a list of 8,000 names, addresses and email addresses for military and security personnel. The Pentagon is asking its employees and their families to refrain from using these media.

Opine: Meanwhile, the Congress and the subversive media are whining over "gun control".

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Not feeling good.? Not Feeling good?

Forget MH370, you ain't sick, yet!


Remember how STUXNET targeted a Siemens control component?

Hospital Equipment is a "target rich" environment.

"Drip to Kill"

One piece of equipment examined has over 4,000 target points for hacking.

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This Brazil mob is co-opting CCTV cameras and such then directing there signals to signal sites.

hackread.com, same date, is reporting that 9 known baby cams have been hijacked also.

Who is watching your children?

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What is  Pelosi whining  about?

I could put this under "Clinton Campaign Corruption", but since this deals more directly with this thread --the effects of NSA et alia peeping-Tom activities and NSA "mandates" for accessible points of peeping-- and how this affects our lives and well-being, we have to laugh at Representative/Minority Leader Pelosi.

"Hacker posts personal info of House Democrats and staff"


Pelosi was Speaker-of-the-House when these peeping-Tom points were enacted into law and policy. As a point made in the comments section of this article asked, if Pelosi didn't read the Affordable Care Act why would anyone expect her to have read these laws and policies?

Now Pelosi is saying, "Do not let your children answer the phone".  :hahaha::party:

Yep, Democrats are getting angry and obscene phone calls now.

So, for those of US who have endured ID Theft, hijacked tax returns, false billing, and so forth we cannot feel any empathy for you, Pelosi. :furious: Furious are You? :woot: Woot-to-Toot ! 

You, Pelosi, and the others are now suffering from the Quidnuncstein* you all created.

Since plays on Frankenstein such as "Peepinstein" are already used, Quidnunc-stein is not. Quid + nunc is Latin for "What now ?"  In English, "quidnunc" means a gossip or busybody with eagerness, or 'an eager gossip or busybody". And what did Frankenstein's creation do in the book? "Eavesdropping, the creature familiarizes himself with their lives and learns to speak, whereby he becomes eloquent, educated and well-mannered" (from Wikipedia).

But not your Quidnuncstein, Pelosi. Eavesdropping in prurient ways this creature familiarizes itself with US lives and learns to print-out with prejudice, whereby it becomes accusatory, algorithmic, and ill-mannered. And its infectious off-spring invade everywhere.

Now, l cannot wait for the Republicans to start whining.



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In a reverse of the post at the top of this page, about "ISlL killing lists", the PBS program NOVA will air a counter-terror program this Wednesday, 07Sept2016 on PBS stations at 2100hrs EDT.

Mostly -and as shown on the Frontline program of 02Oct2002 "The Man Who Knew" (John O'Neil)- most info comes from phone calls -and now add social media.

Let's see if this program is any good.

"A little bird told me" has had new, enhanced meaning. ahhh, tweet, tweet

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1 minute ago, hasanhh said:

I plan on waiting until the film is in the video store. Also, l'd like to read some reviews first.

Online reviews for the film Snowden are 50/50. Not that great. Maybe they want to show it's not good so people won't watch it. Another conspiracy? 

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1 minute ago, hameedeh said:

Online reviews for the film Snowden are 50/50. Not that great. Maybe they want to show it's not good so people won't watch it. Another conspiracy? 

If l remember the previews correctly, this is another Oliver Stone movie. If so, like his "JFK" -which l didn't see- are full of unsubstantiated innuendo.

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Hypocrisy with Political Cover:  

We are all aware of A-dorable Hillar's email scandals. "Extremely Careless", claims she didn't know classification headings, her "25 Objections" when answering under oath, quid pro quo, http://www.cnn.com/2016/10/15/politics/wikileaks-hillary-clinton-goldman-sachs-speeches/ ,  ad nauseum

So now, for trying to counsel two reporters on Top Secret information they already had, retired Vice-Chairman of the Joint Chiefs James Cartwright reportedly will get 6 months prison out of a sentencable 5 years incarceration for "lying to the FBI" about trying limit damage to the national security. http://www.militarytimes.com/articles/retired-gen-james-cartwright-charged-with-making-false-statements .

Petreaus, the guy who talked about the torture program, ...

If you ain't in the Clinton-Obama Mob, you go to jail even for doing your job.

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Brained ... Perception, Bias ...

Speaking in Munich, German Chancellor Merkel has again criticized Internet Searches (a DeutscheWelle business commentator has characterized Google as "fancied" by investors as a suprastate in influence)

http://www.rt.com/news/364235-merkel-facebook-google-algorithms/  provide a "narrow perspective" of self-reinforcing views; provide "eye of a needle" perspective by displaying preferred sources first.


--"...users (have) a right-to-know how and on what basis..." search results are presented

-- "filter bubbles" and "echo chambers" "suppose"/presume new information sought is based in previous searches which the Chancellor is against because among other effects it has apparently promoted right-wing agendas

--FaceBook News is the only source news  for "44%  of  Adults ... 61% for Millennials " [OpEd now ain't that scarry]


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It ain't just the _____ gov't we have to worry about. l saw a news feature Wednesday on the "fake news problem" ... so l went ah-searching.

We have more to worry about than the gov't, the "paid pundits", New York's slanted-news, and all.

http://fusion.net/story/370735/edward-snowden-facebook-fake-news/  ; another headline quotes Snowden as saying reliance on FB's "news" is "dangerous".

A quick history of the Net and news and then "explained" in a coherent way is at:  http://www.vox.com/new-money/2016/11/16/13637310/facebook-fake-news-explained   A later-in-the-day article relates that engineers at FB are peeved Mark Z-bergs "blase' " attitude towards this problem. Into the article under the subtitle "Banning fake news ... " is a parallel to the Washington Post's article, "Twitter purges alt-right accounts", 16Nov16 2206hrsEST. One account suspended is the National Policy Institute which is described in Wikipedia.

Social Media is not, to use an American expression, 'the Wild West'; it is a Wild Rave.

So, as most of us on SC do, multi-source your news on any subject or item.

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^^^^ 5751 It is not just this kind of Fake News


An illustration of this kind of social hazard is characterized in the 7th paragraph, beginning with "Pizzagate" has got to ... "

For an explanation of what malicious people got started, see: http://www.nytimes.com/2016/11/21/technology/fact-check-this-pizzeria-is-not-a-child-trafficking-site.html 

OpEd: this kind of garbage is a threat to our social order.

OpEd Question: Why isn't the "We have blown a trillion dollars' NSA" finding these 'social terrorists'?????

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Pizzagate :worried:


This nutcase is a believer in Fake News.

The rise of Fake News has started a counter-current --a rise in newspaper subscriptions. For this and some light data see:


pan down to the J.Boorstein report which is about half-way down; or 'print preview' and go to the half number of pages page.

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Here is a fun and informative read:


"Unsafe at any Read" --a parody on the title of Ralph Nader's hokey "Unsafe at any Speed" (1965). In that book, Nader claimed that the Corvair sports car had correctable defects in things like its suspension. In the 1970s, the US gov't investigation reported that the claims were unfounded and the Corvair was as safe as other cars. Of course, car-safety has come a long way since then.

2nd post: The CIA is claiming that Russia interfered in the US 2016 Election. How? The voting systems are not connected to the Internet. This has been an accusation since Feb 2016. The FBI said last Summer that as of then they found no evidence for the Clinton Claims. The CIA told Congress they have found nothing. But "unnamed sources" allegedly working inside these agencies are telling mainstream media that they "have found links". Of course, how many degrees of separation are not specified.

An article this week, which you can find by searching "Macedonia + 'fake news' " is telling the stories of Macedonian high school students making thousands of dollars with Fake News sites.

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As posted before, our "smartphones" can be used as close-in espionage by hackers and peeping-Tom gov't.

This article from last year says that picture-taking is the users most often used feature, 92% of respondents said.

So be careful of the pictures you take. These can also be filed under associates with facial recognition technology.


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Trump - lnteIIigence Community Assessment - RT.com - ?

On Friday, 06Jan17, the President-Elect was given a 50 page-based briefing by DNI,DCIA, D-FBI and D-NSA on alleged Russian hacking and influence operations targeting the 2016 US General Election supposedly favoring D.J.Trump. The unclassified version for public release in 25 pages can be found here:


OpEd: l can only hope that the other unreleased 25 pages have information other than the hyperbolic contrivances released to the public. This is an easy read.

The (U) Report basically alleges the RT.com is the core influence operator in cahoots with Wikileaks and Gruccifer 2.0.  to wit:

RT Editor meets with Julian Assange at the Equadorian Embassy-London in August 2013 to form a "partnership" with Wikileaks with RT being the beneficiary of Wikileaks information.

This "assessment" also cites 1] Putin expresses his hope in Trump wanting good relations with Russia and 2] the report reflects the Russian-same attitude shared with millions of Americans of "ABC = Anybody But Clinton".

The report reads like Joe McCarthy's State Department "List" of innuendo. Some of it like when McCarty accused the Army by using half a photo.

OpEd: l found it very anticlimactic".

The Russian response is dismissive. RT.com has a rebuttal here:


The ICA cites two programs, Abby Martin's Breaking the Set and The Truthseekers, but both programs have been off-air for 2+ years. Ref: See p.6 of (U) ICA above. So how these programs influence a General Election is not adequately explained.

Another misnomer is the August 2013 meeting at the Embassy. Who knew who was going to run-and-win their party's nomination? ? ? ? ?

 Warning: Security Alert Notice which people are getting trying to log into RT.com. Google is auto displaying this at the behest of gov't. To work around it, log into the article. After you have it and the "alert" interferes, turn-off your modem and click-off the Alert. Read Article. Red-Close article. Run Security Scan. Turn on modem.


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On ‎5‎/‎11‎/‎2015 at 10:35 PM, hasanhh said:



Creepy things to come:


1]  "An Important Step in Artificial Intelligence", 11May15, by Sonia Fernandez




--this news "neural circuitry" may possibly be expanded to ~1015 synaptic connections that exist in the human brain


-- to see picture one, goto print-preview


--research findings are in the journal Nature



2] "Robots to the Rescue: How Artificial Intelligence will Impact Cybercrime", 11May15, by Ben Rossi




--the article's theme is that robots with high AI will defeat cybercriminals because they work 24/7 and react in fractions off a second


--Opine: but the problem is, cybercriminals will have the same or better



---there are also articles about AI running hedge funds and helping you buy a phone

Searching AI on SC, this is the only previous post that came up. Yet, l remember AI being in other threads.

Nevertheless, l finally saw the 1973 film  WestWorld  with Richard Benjamin, Richard van Patten and Yul Brenner. The film is about a robot based vacation fantasy world. As problems develop in the robots, 32 minutes into the film is this dialogue:

lst Man: " ... l find it difficult to believe in a disease of machinery." [Explained: the problems in the robots were spreading in the same pattern as a communicable disease. Between bots and then to other bot communities.]

2nd Man; the Chief Supervisor: "We aren't dealing with ordinary machines here. These are highly complicated pieces of equipment  almost as complicated as living organisms. ln some cases, they have been designed by other computers. We don't know exactly how they work. "

In remember reading in 1979 or 1980 that computers were being used to design desk top and other computers.

Does "computer virus" ring any bells?

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Above are posts about news being faked. Here is something scarier:

the 2nd part of: http://mediaite.com/online/dan-rather-clinton-campaign-press-were-tone-deaf-about-how-trump-was-resonating/

The short article title covers the 1st part of the article.

In the second part, Rather, former anchor for CBS News, sees a threat to US in "six" "conglomerates" controlling the news.


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The CIA has announced New Privacy Rules under "UpDated Executive Order 12333" known as the "Attorney General's Guidelines".

According to cia.gov, "query" searches into databases will be 'limited'. The Press Release is dated 18January2017.

PressTV article: http://www.presstv.com/Detail/2017/01/19/506883/US-CIA-new-rules-guidelines-privacy

For a comment that says this is not a real protection: http://www.presstv.com/Detail/2017/01/20/506963/US-CIA-new-rules-Trump-Obama-Lendman 

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A collaborative study indicates that people are less subject/susceptible  to "fake news" if 'a "warning" is posted along with the story.

The article reviews some of current concerns about news and politics.

OpEd: :D l suggest these warnings as caveats:

Simon says:

Big Mother Gov't says:

A-dorable Hillar said:

Trumps says:

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