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The Snowden Revelations Ll -Your Brain

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When l watched the NBC/Brian Williams interview, Edward Snowden at one point talked about the "in your mind" aspect of NSA/gov't  activities --which I think is his "motivation". Why Snowden accumulated and revealed all that he has done. One point seven million pages is the figure reported often.


Snowden said in the interview that these intelligence machines watch what you type, the rate you type, measures the pauses and integrates these with the word-choice (noun in one category and verb-choice in a separate analytical category -ed.) to profile and staticise your mind and personality.


Nhow, this is not a far-fetch idea. In the 60s, articles, TVNews, even in programing the use of info-fragments about what products you buy was/is used as a personality assessment. Since the 1970s, large strides in psychological understanding and in psychiatric practice have resulted in an encyclopedic level of quantification about any individual, their thinking and their motivation factors.


That this information is nhow stored in NSA mega-data banks to be used by the gov't on anyone is a reality. A sick-in-the-head level of state controlled of behaviors and individuality  far beyond the traditional understandings of "the l3ig Lie", brainwashing, doctrinal-control, socio-political ideas. This, l think, is what scared Snowden.


Maybe we should call these fascists' home "brainwashington"?


An opine by Eben Megan made a play-on-phrase of the NSA motto "know it all": "We Hack, We listen, We know" -from the famous quote of Gaius Julius Caesar veni, vidi, vici  -which when pronounced correctly is, "wee-nee, wee-dee, wee-key".


The opine, "Privacy Under Attack: the NSA Files Reveal New Threats to Democracy", Tuesday, 27May2014 is a little long. l3ut if you have fifthteen minutes is worth a read. A quote:


"The real problem is that we are losing [have Iost -ed.] the anonymity of reading, for which nobody has contracted (agreed to -ed.) at all. We have lost the ability to read anonymously, but the loss is concealed from US because of the way we built the web (as well as library cards, credit cards, membership cards...  -ed.)


So as l write and as you now read, some analyst somewhere is wondering, "Why are you reading this? What are you thinking? What is your computer-generated psychiatric profile telling the bureaucracy?"


Sick -ain't it?????


So is other gov't attitudes. About the UK and published media, Megan opined,


" It must stop pressuring publishers who seek to inform the World about threats to democracy (the Guardian raids last year -ed.) while it goes relatively easy on publishers who spy on families of murdered girls."


The message? "We the people" are only supposed to be concerned about the prurient things and leave the l3rainwashingtons alone.


Another expanding threat is new research and new applications. Here are two stories:


"The Headband that Measures Boredom", BBC 27May14. 4get "ties" to tie-you-to-your-work. This headband will tell the computer your level of boredom. Not happy for a moment with your pick-and-pack job? Squirm in your chair as you pause typing in blanks on gov't approved forms?  Why you are nhow a negative morale cog-in-the-wheel. So, cheer-up at your pointless job or find another job after you pay for psychiatric counseling -because you lost your health insurance.


"Voice Analysis: an 'objective' diagnostic tool based on flawed algorithms?" DW, 5-11-13   A computer intercepting your voice makes 'medical' diagnoses.  [ . :wacko: -ed. ]  Gosh, a hoarse voice from a cold could get you into all kinds of time-wasting activities.


If you have any addendums, please feel free to add them. After all, the I3rainwashintonians can't arrest everybody  --unless they plan on gassing US.



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Already the 24th Century ?


I was watching the AM news a couple of days ago and for a news 'story' people were asked to send in "tweets", "twits", or whatever you call these things being recorded in the Library of Congress,   :mad:  ,to express their opinions.


And this reminded me of a book and its movie, the 1966 Fahrenheit 451.


There is a scene involving Mildred "Millie" Montag who in the movie version has her name changed to "Linda".  Millie's "family" is her electronic gadgets and the wall mounted TV. Millie/Linda gets this phone call asking her to participate in a network broadcast.


So as "Linda"/Millie mindlessly watches this program, one of the actors looks into the camera and asks, "What do you think, Linda?" Of course, the indefinite nature of the program makes any response a foregone 'correct' response.


And that is what this 'twit sh.!" reminds me of as used by the broadcast media:  the mindless participation in inconsequential entertainment.


I call these things "Millie Moments".  Kinda recalls "millimeter" or "millipede" or anything small and inconsequential with that hedonistic quality about it.


When doing some surfing to get the details right since it's been decades when I read the book for school and saw the movie with Julie Christy as "Linda", I found that many reviews and critiques and classes refer to a (Guy) "Montag Moment" ---the cathartic element in the book. So "Millie Moment" will have to do.

There in the book was robotics, "political correctness", happiness, illiteracy, equality by repression, and so forth. Creepy --it is like the here and now.

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How constant surveillance alters your brain/attitude.


"What the GSK Sex Tape Says About Surveillance in China", by Hannah Beech, Time, 30June14


There are also other articles about GSK, today.


The masochistic point in the article is when the woman says, you ignore this prurient stuff "or you go paranoid". In other words, submitting to Big Mother Gov't.

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Bastille Day Kahlim :lol:


Messing with our brains, but this report is not mentioning l3rainVVashingTown, Dalang City.


"Snowden Files:  Manipulating Polls, netting from LinkedIn, YouTube in GCHQ Bag of Tricks", 14July14, 20:09 RT.com


GreenWald has published a little more info. In this RT.com article, JTRIG within GCHQ [i just enjoy the "r.i.g." in this story] has developed


"...crafty tools to monitor and comb the Web, planting false information when necessary, ..."


These include nefarious activities that involve Skype, "spoofing email", and such.


Opine: l personally have to take the "Capitan Renault" position: I am shocked. Absolutely electrocutedly shocked, that gov'ts plant false information." [note: Capt. Renault is the crooked cop in the movie Casablanca.] 


CAUTIONARY NOTE: GCHQ is highly active in Canada and the US.


l, on this Remembrance Day, have come to think that these Disneyland's of Dirty Deeds are the New Bastille.


Maybe vve could talk to China about lending these idiots so much money to play Life-and-Death Games with. A small economic downturn is cheaper than shootin' wars.

Edited by hasanhh

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I did the search "Mind Control" + Internet


The pronouncement that international hero Edward Snowden document allegations we have heard for years does have some application here.


"Mind Control: Is the Internet changing how we think ?", by Matt Ford, 17Sept2010


In this article, Ford writes that the then new 'google instant' (an advance over PageRank) "predicts your query even as you type it".

But the article expresses also other concerns.

IS this new information overload affecting our habits of mind?

Ford reviews the book The Shallows by Nicholas Carr, who writes that the Net discourages "deeply attentive thinking". We become accustomed  to a flow of "small bits" of information.

Look at the Home page for any search engine on the news page. Bit here, Byte here, then go Over there.

This behavior strengthens some of the brains circuits, but weakens others, Carr writes.


With a loss of "deep" or reflective thought, we degenerate into higher states of emotionalism. Maybe not so much on ShiaChat, but keep this idea in mind when you next read the "Comments" below a news article.


From another article, "Mind Control and the Internet" by Sue Halpern , 23June2011 in the New York Review of Books, Halpern reviews Eli Pariser's  The Filter Bubble: What the Internet is Hiding from You.  Halpern quoting Pariser writes, "...since December 2009, Google has aimed to contour every search to fit the profile of the person making the query (emphasis added-ed.)"

Now your results are "personalized' and not the same search results everyone else gets. An algorithm of 57 variables constructs a "perception of who you are." [Computerized psychoanalysis, as I, Hasan, view it --ed.] Thereby, "Google directs you to material that is most likely to reinforce your own World view, ideology and assumptions."

Or, as I can see, slow modify your World View to the pleasure of a Stasi-fied gov't.

As parenthetically remarked in Halpern's article, From this algorithm, Halpern writes, "One need not declare a (political -ed) party affiliation per se --the algorithm will prise this out."

Eerily, as an example, Halpern summarizes the Spring 2011 issue of Sociological Quarterly were a study found that in searches about "climate change" in the years 2001-2010, Republicans who said the planet was warming dropped to 29% from 49%; while for Democrats, it increased from 60% to 70%. "It was as if the groups were getting different messages", Halpern writes.


Then there is the tracking, storing and loss of legal rights. To quote, " Even reading devices like Amazon's Kindle pay attention to what users are doing: highlighting a passage in a Kindle book and the passage is sent back to Amazon. Clearly, the potential for privacy and other civil rights abuses here is vast. While the FBI...needs a warrant to search your computer (actually, everything is also down at the server --ed.), Pariser writes that 'if you use Yahoo, GMail or Hotmail...you lose your Constitutional protections immediately. ...At least one arrest has been made by law enforcement officers..."


Opine:  So, in analogy, search engines have become the Amerikan version of China's urban management (private strong-arms to control the streets). And in this symbiotic relationship, we fear the hardening of the industrial/Internet--Police State, far exceeding anything dreamed of by the East German (DDR) Stasi.


Then there is your own personal, computer generated "persuasion profile" --the sales pitch you respond to-- a usable algorithm "to sway public opinion" by an individualized, tuned message.

This is also true when checking the "LIKE" icon. { Except on ShiaChat where we are all already enemies of state in the Stasified minds of gov't.}


Opine:  So, by "prediction", by the weakened and re-wired neurons, by rising emotionalism, by algorithms, analyses, tracking, storming, electronic urban management, and persuasion, everyone is in compartmentalized control.


A new, maybe dark age of society has emerged. A modified form of fascism.

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Opine: So, by "prediction", by the weakened and re-wired neurons, by rising emotionalism, by algorithms, analyses, tracking, storming, electronic urban management, and persuasion, everyone is in compartmentalized control.

A new, maybe dark age of society has emerged. A modified form of fascism.


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Big Mother gov't


from The Intercept, 12Aug14 1012hrs EDT "NPR is Laundering CIA talking points to make YOU scared of NSA reporting"

--"...a gov't affirming..." outfit, Recorded Future -known since July 2010 as co-funded by CIA and Google- contrived a report saying that Int'l Hero Ed Snowden's revelations has lead to "better encryption" by al-Qaida


As we all know, the last of al-Qaida proper is a few people around Ayman al-Zawahiri in Central Asia. And now they are supposed to be using encryption that the NSA or FBI special office cannot break? :lol:


from the San Francisco Chronicle online, sfgate, 1345hrs 12Aug14: "Judge won't force US to release spying program document", by Bob Egelko. From a lawsuit brought by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the judge required the US to only release a Justice Dept document on the Census Bureau giving NSA its records.  Now, as encoded in law -again- in the 1970s, Census Bureau data is secured from the rest of gov't offices and agencies and departments.

Big Mother gov't breaking her own laws again. :mad: 

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I glanced at the post above before the post to follow. Yep...Zawahiri is back in the news making political drama in South Asia. What garbage. The video studio is quite lavish for a caveman-on-the-run. He must be inside the US or Canada as he kinda lost his tan. Still, the last report/story before this said Zawa-howler was in Central Asia (north Afghan) with 5-8 hangers-on.


And, OMG, the UK had to raise its "alert level". Maybe they should call it the "blert level".


Now, for the post proper:


If you like that paranoid, creepy feeling the Stasi-Class likes to do, the article City as SuperIntelligent ought to feed your fears.


"Arcology" --life within a building that is an entire city. (Kinda reminds me of junk in 1960s school books. That futurological foolishness that know-littles like to dream about)


Computational Management  --of course the caveat that with computers, garbage-in-garbage-out, is only briefly alluded to.


Speculation on how acrology can protect us from Ebola (page 2).


p.3; "by design, smart-cities are bugged"  --  no privacy in the privy


The Link:



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l3ig Mother Gov't


CBS Evening News, Wed24Sept2014, search CBS + "social security" if you'd like to read it.


In an act of financial terrorism, fascist-attitude elements in the Social Security Administration imagined that a 60ish woman "received" too much money from the death benefit for her father that Social Security pays --which was $254. The woman was FIVE years old at the time, 1960.


So, in an administrative action that gov't loves to have without the inconvenience of a court system or fair hearing, confiscated nearly $3000 from her tax refund.


After the woman complained to the media, in a contrived interim action, the SSA returned her money. Then, after media scrutiny left, sent her a letter saying she still owed the money.


In the interview, the woman got it right when she said, We the gov't can do anything we want.

Edited by hasanhh

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To sharpen your paranoid senses:


al.com (Alabama) 25Sept14, 1641EDT,  " Huntsville schools say call from NSA led to monitoring students online", by Challen Stephen

------the school has monitored social media for 18 months

----- NSA denies the call, says there is no record of it

----the school's monitoring program is called SAFe -Students Against Fear- but the School Board members didn't know about it

--- the Superintendent of Schools since 2011 is former USArmy Colonel Casey Wardinski, who said one student was chatting with someone in Yemen




Venture Beat, 25Sept14, 1503 EDT, "NSA hires a 'risk officer' to acess intelligence missions in a bid to appease a wary public"


:lol:  "appease a wary public" <--an Opine


by Richard Byrne Reilly


-----a new position of "chief risk officer"

----to assess operations "...to make more informed, timely and defensible decisions" (underline added -ed.)

--- critics cite the position to the likes of DNI James Clapper as "...a talking head with no authority."

-- article numbers the 90 some thousand National Security Letters, etc


Question; 90 thousand possible what? Radicalized students?

:hijabi:  Evil Ear and Evil Eyes


checked you tax refund or accounts lately?

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Save Your Money  --protection from sales fraud


PressTVfreakyFriday, 31Oct14, "The FBl can bypass encryption"  :!!!:  , by BilI BIunden, Iead investigator at BeIow Gotham Labs


---Preface: despite the 'they doth protest too much' (Wm. Shakespeare) as cited here and in the general media this past Summer, in this articIe, encryption is described as false security. Remember, your privacy lS your security.


--- quoting American National Hero Edward Snowden: "lf the device you store the private key and enter your passphrase on  has been hacked, it's Úáíå ÇáÓáÇã trivial (matter) to decrypt your communications."


--- articIe refers to Heartbleed bug and FBl maIware Iike Magic Lantern and ClPAV which "foiI encryption" and identifies stations using encryption.


--- the knowledge of this busybody activity "wield(s) social engineering techniques"  :realangery:


--Network lnvestigative Techniques


-- the FBl wants judges to have the ability "to gain remote access to computers located within or outside that district...when the media or information...has been concealed through technical means. In other words ...to hack...(any) Iocation ... shrouded by anonymity software."


Comment: I didn't know the FBl was "confined" to its own district in this way. With the correct administrative regulations, 'electronic pursuit' outside home district will be OK. How else can any judgment be made about the relevance or reliability of an investigative Iead be made quickIy?


-- partial quote: "...ELlNT, SlGlNT and COMlNT always prevail over COMSEC.

(l ain't so sure about eIint.)


--- "Mass SurveiIIance is a vivid expression of raw power and controI. Hence, what aiIs society is fundamentaIIy a poIiticaI probIem, with economic and technicaI facets..."



This writ, do not waste your money on "protection rackets". Develop your own techniques.

Edited by hasanhh

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1] :lol:   Wall Street Journal, 03Nov14 0733EST, "NSA Director Offers Olive Branch in Silicon Valley Speech", by Danny Yadron,


------ Adm. Micheal Rogers in a Stanford University speech said, "he understands why Silicon Valley companies have beefed-up security to keep out gov't agencies."


----- Rogers said, "companies took steps to enhance encryption" (see post above)


---- Apple and Google "in September said they would no longer be able to unlock smart phones, even if ordered by a court, for law enforcement"


--- James Comey, Director FBI, and Robert Hannigan, head of GCHQ-UK, say, "the(se) moves are enabling criminals"


Opine: Remember, Your privacy is Your security. Do you go around handing out your bank information? Medical conditions? Or that of friends and relatives?


2a] The Guardian, 05Nov14, "FaceBook reports 24% rise in Government requests for personal data"  :!!!:


------ FaceBook: in the first 3 quarters of 2014, "gov'ts around the World made 34,946 requests for data"


----- Google describes these as "sweeping warrants"


2b] Time, 04Nov14 "Gov't Request for FaceBoook user data...", by Jack Linshi


------ same subj:  -FaceBook is "currently challenging a bulk search warrant on 400 users".



3] Rt.com, 05Nov14 "FaceBook murderers: 6 types profiled"


------ "A Birmingham City University team, led by Dr. Elizabeth Yardley and Professor David Wilson, from the Center for Applied Criminology...published in Howard Journal of Criminal Justice, investigated 48 cases of 'FaceBook murder' from around the World between 2008 and 2013."


---- "...in which FaceBook was a significant factor in the murder"


--- The 6 Types:

-Reactor- 27%-  attacks the victim face-to-face after reacting to a piece of news seen


-Informer- 22.9%- warns others they intend to kill the victim


-Antagonist- 16.7%- hostile exchanges on FB that escalate into face-to-face fatal violence


-Fantasists- 12.5%- blur the line between fantasy and reality, such as TV (or video game) characters


-Predator- 12.5%- uses a fake profile to lure a victim


-Imposter- 8.3%- uses FB to post false and misleading messages. Such as saying a victim went somewhere post-mortem


----- article also mentions the 24% increase in requests for data

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Hez- :shaytan:  is at it again.  Hez-Stasi is at work again. I found this advertisement:


"Changing Health Care with Bioengineering" by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (www. llnl.gov  "for more info")


:angel:  Part:


"...With precision engineering and innovative design, LLNL's Neural Technology Group is packing hundreds of electrodes into tiny flexible neural devices designed to modulate the neural system. These implantable devices could one day, potentially treat neurological diseases, such as ...(PTSD) and depression, as well as restore memories, sight, hearing and movement."

"The neuro-modulation devices, or prosthetics, are a class of devices that communicate with the nervous system."

"...The goal is to seal the components in a self-contained, wireless device that can be placed inside the body without causing adverse reaction. ...and conform to the live tissue in which they are implanted (e.g. the brain)."

"The devices are custom designed to fit the shape for each clinical requirement..."

"LLNL's Neural Technology Group is collaborating with partners in industry, academia and gov't to develop and test the devices with the ultimate goal of bringing them to market. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has recently funded the group on two projects using neural devices to treat neuropsychiatric disorders and restore memory."

" DARPA awarded the Neuro Technology Group a cooperative agreement to develop an implantable neural interface with the ability to record and stimulate neurons within the brain for treating neuropsychiatric disorders. The technology will help doctors to better understand and treat PTSD, traumatic brain injury (TIB), chronic pain and other conditions.


This part slowly leading into these next parts:

:shaytan:  "DARPA also awarded the group another cooperative agreement to develop an implantable neural device with the ability to record and stimulate neurons within the brain to help restore memory (read "recover impure thoughts" -ed.). The goal of LLNL's work is to develop a device that uses real-time recording and closed-loop stimulation of neural tissues to bridge gaps in the injured brain and restore individuals' ability to form new memories and access previously formed ones."  (If it is wireless, then like RFD, this is actually "external ability to form new memories and access previously formed ones" -ed.)

:shaytan:  "The LLNL group is also working on accelerating the development of pharmaceuticals in another program --know as the In Vitro Chip Based Human Investigational Program (iCHIP)-- to develop an integrated human tissue-based system that could potentially..."

:sick: & :mad:  "The iCHlP platform (? like "weapons platform"? -ed.) includes electrical stimulation and recording, nutrient and oxygen perfusion via fluidic delivery, optical analysis (in "optical" wavelengths that penetrate bone and tissue; "optical scan"; -ed.) and quantitative measurements of cell health and viability. The complete iCHlP system will eventually contain tissues from multiple organ systems, such as the...brain,...effectively creating a 'human-on-a-chip'."


End of Advertisement.


This advertisement reads more like a prospectus for social engineering rather than bioengineering.


:sick:  "Real time recording" with external access. We'd be afraid to urinate incorrectly, or not eat the politically correct food (using Michelle's current program as an impetus). Or join in Kim Jong ll mass celebrations. Or show "team spirit'.


"Human Investigational Program"


This ain't Future Shock or Brave New World much less Utopia.


I think our evilgelical, worthless, Washington White-trash Stasi have seen the movie "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" too many times.

Edited by hasanhh

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Messing with the l3rain of the Public:


.                          &



.      Under post-Election Cover:



1] New York Times, 18Nov14, "Bill to Restrict N.S.A. Data Collection Blocked in Vote by Senate Republicans", by Charles Savage and Jeremy Peters


2] Bloomburg, 19Nov14, "Senate Blocks Vote on Curbing NSA's Bulk Data Collection", by Charles Strohm and Susan Decker


----- the vote -mostly along party lines- 58-42

----- allegedly backed by Obama

----- was to limit bulk collection techniques, like by using (domestic) geographic identifiers (e.g. Dearborn)

----- Forrester Research, Inc estimates this will cost the economy $180Billion

----- S.2685


elsewhere with other info:

3] National Journal, the NRA and ACLU backed the NSA reform


4] Wired, 18Nov14, "Critical NSA Reform Bill Fails in Senate", by Kim Zetter

-----Section 215 of the Patriot Act is set to expire "next summer".





Maybe WE should amend the Constitution's Preamble to read:


"We the Data of Estados Unitos, in order to form a more Utopian Union ..."


So, the only question at this point in time is: which socialist union will it be? Communist or Fascist ?

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Be Safe Be Paranoid


AP, New York, 26Nov14 1633EST,  "Twitter now tracks other apps you've installed"


.      "Twitter said it is now tracking what other apps...installed... so it ( the Twits -ed.) can target content and ads to them better"   :no:


.      "Twitter Inc said Wednesday that users will receive notification when the setting is turned on (by the Twits, not the Stasi-which is always on  -ed.) and can opt out - :lol: ed.- using settings on their phones. On iPhones, this setting is called "limit ad tracking". On Android phones, it's "opt out of interest-based ads"." (not Stasi-based interest -ed.)


.      "San Francisco-based Twitter said it is only collecting the list of apps that users have installed, not any data within the apps. ( :lol: -ed.) It won't collect the app lists from people who have previously turned off ad targeting on their phones." (yeah...sure  -ed.)"


.      "Besides advertising, Twitter said knowing  what apps people have downloaded can improve its suggestions on what accounts to follow and add relevant content to their feeds that isn't advertising. :!!!:


.      "A recent Pew Research Center poll found that people sometimes have conflicting views on privacy. About 80 percent of Americans who use social networking sites are concerned about third parties, such as advertisers, accessing data they share on the sites, according to the poll. At the same time, most are willing to share some information about themselves in exchange for using such services for free."

.                                                               -30-



Our Privacy Is Our Security





A place for basic gov't PR on apps see: http://www.onguardonline.gov/articles/0018-understanding-mobile-apps


For not-gov't-trusting:


search:  using information from phone apps spy


be sure to add the word "spy" to get geek-level warnings

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02Dec14:   re: Self Censorship  


CNNMoney, an interview done by Laurie Segall, CNN Technology Correspondent;


SUBJ: The most likely attack done by North Korea on Sony Entertainment because of the upcoming release of The Interview, a "comic documentary" about murdering the young North Korean leader.


Interviewee: Dave Aitel, CEO of Immunity,Inc and frmr NSA scientist


Segall quipped it is "a scary thought" that companies must censor themselves because of gov't displeasure.


Aitel: "It is a hugely scary thought." "If you felt censored, in a way you have already lost."  (underline added -ed.)


Aitel also said that this incident has cost Sony "many millions of dollars" in loses and much more in the security systems they will now have to buy.

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04Dec14 article


CNN Money, 04Dec14, 1716EST, "Apple deleted music from customers' iPods", by Dan Simon, CCNTech

------ between 2007-2009 Apple routinely deleted music from about 8 million iPod owners

----- iPods needed to be reset to download music from "rivals" and when "...iPods was restored, the music ... would no longer be on their iPods."

---- plaintiffs "argue Apple abused its monopoly power."


Opine Question: what is the 'higher' monopoly? gov't  So, can't the Stasi :Hijabi: then delete news? paragraphs within news?

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Be Safe, Be Paranoid


The Rise of Covert Aerial Surveillance  :Hijabi:


The film available 'on Net' ("oN") is "Flight Plan: Charting a Course for Drones" (2014)


This film centers around the "make the case for Drone use" in Washington State. Kinda slow in the start, but databits come out soon enough.


One observation in favor of Drone Usage is that it avoids helicopter crashes and the attending death. Several examples are given, involving the Fish & Wildlife Service, Forestry, Traffic Reports.


Beginning at time 26',issues of privacy (My Privacy ls My Security) start to be stated and then treated in a dismissive way.

At time 30', the film notes that drones have killed "2,000 people", then angles that data point into this was the military-useage based public perception.


At time 47', an interviewee talks about a "Vegetation Index" which a drone is supposed to do. That will take a bigger, heavier drone than the 55 pound limit the FAA imposes. ln 1972, with the Dept. of the Interior, the Earth Resources Satellite (ERTS) was launched. Among its capabilities is the ability to count individual marijuana plants in farm fields, determine and map the soil moisture content down to the square yard and then display this; and lR photo the shorelines-combine to frequencies-and map the 20-foot depth line on every shore in the World, telling the USMC where every landing beach is, and what its characteristics are -to include sand-soil trafficability. There are several other satellites since. So, since these available drones cannot reach the same altitude, and currently have a 400 feet limit while still in the pilots visual field --What possible value do these have?...other than as a toy?

Supposedly, according to the film, agriculture is "80%" of the projected market. I use to farm. Anything, nearly everything, you need to see in your field YOU have to get down and look at it. Is that corn-borer or ceropia? -which you cannot see up there? There's yellow streaks in the corn leaves: is that Zinc deficiency or insects?


Another hype was a hypothetical gas leak. These vehicles are going to smell Mercaptan? (The chemical smell added to gas lines so leaks can be detected.) But, the film fanaticized a scenario where several drones would be deployed in corordination with robotic ground units, coordinate with Google Earth, "locate" :lol: the leak, and then signal a chip embedded in the correct valve to shut off the gas. 2x :lol:  One, are these drones going to be designed "gas safe"? With electric propellers? And two, Can't ya'll imagine what fun hackers will have with these embedded chips?


Then there is the "lost hiker" sales pitch. :no: Well, one, most hikers like to go with their GPS or their phones, much like they use to with their compasses. And second, as an example, a News helicopter found an escaped tiger with its lR camera, under the brush in a wooded area. (Then notified Zoo and police.) No real use or reason to spend money here.


Then the hysterical sales pitch: the kidnapped child :!!!: . A belly-busting :lol:  Explain: How any airborne system is going to find any one child inside a metal vehicle? Ain't possible. And if observed, ain't that heli-cop-teh  going to alert the kidnapper? Most kidnapped children are killed within 3 hours.


Real Estate sales: Google will do just fine, already.


And last example l'll mention: The Space Needle in Seattle. The interviewee asked, if you go up in the Needle, how much of the city below can you see? And then said, surveillance is not possible...which goes with what I commented above. But also, the Space Needle cannot fly slowly around peeping into people's windows or watch their back yards, or record your license plate to just file away in a data base.


So, did l see any positive use in drones from this film? Only as a tool in photo-journalism.

Edited by hasanhh

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I found a declassified NSA publication, DOClD 3803783


entitled: (U) "Learning from the Enemy: the Gunman Project", by Sharon Maneki; US Cryptological History Series Vl, Vol.13


Project Gunman was the re-establishment of IBM Select Typewriter Security at the US Embassy, Moscow; because the Soviets had managed to insert solenoid-driven electronic bugging devices in them, that broadcasted alongside Soviet TV frequencies.


While there are deletions remaining, here are a couple of things interesting:


factoid: NSDD 145, 17Sept1984, DIRNSA became National Manager for TeleCom and Automatic Information System Security


l found this most interesting:


page 2, (S) "... As a totalitarian society, the Soviet Union valued eavesdropping and thus developed ingenious methods to accomplish it."


The paragraph is complete without deletions, and no revealing information is present, especially for someone who grew up in the Cold War, yet the Big Mother gov't considered this information (S) =Secret. :donno: ???



Note: NSDD = National Security Decision Directive

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Ref. to post 21 Drones


CNN, 12Jan15 1329EST, "CNN Cleared to Test Drones for Reporting", by David Goldman


-- CNN got "special permission' from the FAA


-- CNN has partnered with Georgia Tech Research Institute to "collect data" (type not characterized -ed.)


-- FAA will use this data to develop rules about "drones for news gathering"


-- in October 2014, 41 aircraft pilots reported seeing a drone

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:realangery: I guess l am getting too old. This is creepy  --to me:


CNBC, 23Jan15, "Why Google's Eric Schmidt says the 'Internet will disappear' ", by Christina Scolaro


opine: even the title is misleading, to wit;


--- Schmidt is the executive chairman of Google


-- the "...Internet will seem to vanish as it becomes a part of everyday objects and services"


- we will have so many continuous interactions with it "...you won't even sense it".  <--opine: out-of-mind = "out-of-thought" --> to include surveillance


Google "plans to" be "piggybacking" on Sprint and T-Mobile communication links.

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Ref post23:  Drones  -gaining public acceptance (for Stasi surveillance) by PR employment


abcnews.go.com/Sport  20Jan15 1119EST, "Winter X Games to Use Drones to Capture Action on Snow", by Eddie Pells

---- ESPN is adding camera-carrying drones




ABC 7News-Denver, 23Jan15 0934MST, "Aspen police say Auguin Christian, 20, flew drone near airport and ESPN Winter X Games", by Alan Gathright

---- "...charged with reckless endangerment (misdemeanor -ed.) ... he flew a drone in the flight path of Aspen/Pithin County Airport, near the venue for the ESPN Winter X Games"


--police said "...ESPN was granted special permission by the FAA to fly drones for the X Games"




The Augusta Chronicle, 25Jan15 0900EST, " Georgia sheriff department eager to use drones ", by Doug Stutsman


--- Columbia County Sheriff Sharif Chochol has bought 2 already, but,


--he is waiting for "FAA approval"


Opine: beside the continuous "Stasi selling point" of "cheaper"-ness, the Stasi-styled sales pitch "the jobs theme",

.       "...'more than 2450 jobs and generate nearly $480 million for Georgia and South Carolina economies', the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International says." (bold in the original -ed.)

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