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Is There Any Shia In Sudan And Kjartoum ?

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Salam Aleikom va rahmatollah va barakatoh ,


Shia person in Sudan can know each other to help them in some matter and also they can cooperate in some islamic programs . this is necessary to support each other by Shia Person because we are a little population there . you are kindle requested to introduce any shia person in Sudan with age, working position and other necessary data other shia person can use it or upgrade it .

For first introduction , i am 36 years old man from Iran living alone in Khartoum and i am working  here to support my mother company projects and businesses here in Sudan,my email is asantamasanasia@gmail.com & eskandari56@yahoo.com


I am waiting to here from other shia person who settled in Sudan or they want to know more about sudan and Khartoum.



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