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Sitting here trying to keep myself mentally active  --although the "bell" in my head  is really the ringing in my ears and not the sound of profound insight-- l happened to (whatever my brain does these days) form the question:

How do you solve  x + y = zexp2  ?

One equation with 3 unknowns.

Impossible !  Or so said my teachers.

But there is a rational answer.

x=y=zexp2  iff each variable is 2   ["iff" is "if and only if" ]

Nothing else works in integer numbers.

So now what? Coefficients.

Choose any coefficient common to each variable and this remains valid.

ax + ay = azexp

Other than observing that "a" can be manipulated to meld into other problems, l am at a dead end.

Sheshhhhh. This is 8th Grade stuff.

:byecry: "Time to go back to staring at the TV"

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Another Milton Berle:

l was reading my World Arachnological Handbook (2013 edition) and it says the due to a mutant condition, spiders in metropolitan Paris spin their webs with a noticeably vertical exaggeration and predominantly devour French Flies.

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Final indignity:


Rare surviving photos of Confederate soldiers have been colorized to bring Civil War destruction to life

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5011651/Confederates-colour-Rare-images-bloody-Civil-War.html#ixzz4wQkSGV3D 

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Tuesday, 24Oct17

The Senate is "at war" with President Trump. Today, Senator Corker (TN) and Senator Flake publically criticized Trump. Corker said, on camera, that Trump is "debasing" the country. There are also 'pleas' for Trump to "get out of the way" of tax reform.

TV commentators say that this is another Twitter War.

Solution: Break Trumps thumbs.

Reason: lt is difficult to twit-a-tweet  when your thumbs are in casts.

This is the jour-ly-poke thread.

Edited by hasanhh

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This joke was circulated on What'sApp:

They asked a foolish man who was fasting: Which soorahs of the Qur’an do you like best in Ramadan?

And he said: al-Maa’idah [the  table laden with food], ad-Dukhaan [lit. smoke, but in modern Arabic the word is used to refer to cigarettes and the like] and an-Nisa’ [women].

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lt is almost Hallowe'en.  Sooooo......

My ex called me. Witchy old thing.

 l heard all this clattering. So l asked her what she was doing.

She said, "l am cleaning out the garage." That is 'broom closet' to you and me.

We didn't talk long. She had to take her horrible child to Dayscare.

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31st of October

What is the most haunted city in America?

Washington, D.C.     (District of Crime)

It is haunted by Iobbyists  :party:

lt is haunted by politicians  :accident:

lt is haunted by truth-seekers  :liar:

lt is haunted by new ideas   :rolleyes:

lt is haunted by tax reform   :scarerun:

lt is haunted by :braveheart:    Uhhhhh:  :keeporder:  really.

lt is haunted by financial responsibility    :titanic:


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A museum visitor was admiring a T. Rex skeleton, and asked the docent who was standing by how old it was.

“Sixty-five million and three years, two months, and eighteen days old,” she replied.

“How can you know it that precisely?” the visitor asked.

“Well, I asked the museum curator how old it was when I started working here. He said ‘sixty five million years.’ That was three years, two months and eighteen days ago.”

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:angry:The "Joke" is on men.

A "study" of 800,000 couples --like someone actually did this-- "found" ":

"Marriage can make you crazy, but fights dementia too"    [Opine: "can" and not "will" ?]


But this study also shows that single women are more likely to "recover" from illness:

https://www.newscientist.com/article/married-people-much-less-likely-get-dementia/  --which is quite short for such a monumental announcement   :confused: "l'm gettin' confused, again."

However: my "R-n-R", my Research into the Researchers, has found that this fake-news-study was financed by:


Now is anyone really surprised?

This garbage was published in the Journal of Neurology, Neuroticisms and Psykiatree 

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