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How To Watch Irib Channels Live On The Web?

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I want to be able to watch these channels live online.


IRIB I, IRIB II, IRIB III, IRIB IV, IRIB QURAN, SAHAR TV (English, Azeri, Urdu, etc.), IFILM Arabic/English, Jam-e Jam I, Jam-e Jam II, Jam-e Jam III


And here I found them and more live, http://www.telewebion.com/fa/live And I am not sure if all the channels belong to the IRIB.


And I have questions.


1- Do the extra channels listed on the page also belong to the Islamic Republic? I hope they are.


2- They offer high quality video, however, after watching some time, I see the facebook logo with some writings on the video, does it want me to like the page, I don't understand what it says. Is there any way I skip that? If not, will creating a facebook account do the job? Or are they wanting more? Can you translate what the pop-up -that I can't close- wants from me? lol.


3- Do you know any other site that lists all IRIB channels and live video pages for them without such annoying pop-up?


Thanks in advance. ma salam

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Yes dear bother all of them belong to iranian TV but some of the last ones are not national channels they are province's channels.


This is a link of official website for live online iranian TV and radio channels 



(in radio channels we have coi (call of islam) which i recommend the most) 


and this is also (just TV)




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Pooya TV (for children):



Namayesh TV (it broadcasts movies):



Tamasha TV (it broadcasts series already televised on other channels):


IRIB5 (aka shabakeye Tehran):



Shoma TV (it is interprovincial):



Nassim TV (it broadcasts comedy programmes):



Varzesh TV (dealing with sport and related issues)

Bazar TV (it's commercial)

Amuzesh TV (educational)

Salamat TV (Salamat means health)



In addition, every province has its own channel.

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