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whoa that would be super awesome


lol cant see the video nor do i speak spanish.....just going off of katyushka's comment haha :P


Summary of the main points:


Both the anniversary of the Islamic Revolution in Iran and the revolution in Venezuela are taking place in the month of February.


Two flags. Two countries, separated on different regions of the map, but similar in history: the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Bolivian Republic of Venezuela.


The Venezuelans learned firsthand knowledge of what the days were like in the month of February of 1979, the days that the Islamic Revolution took place. And they stressed the importance of unity amongst the revolutionaries.

Kennet Nebreda Karin says: “If there is no unity, nor any concrete societal goals for the benefit of the entire society, there exists no revolution. This is where the origin of the bad and negative transforming into the good and positive, socially speaking takes place.” (The last bit, of what he said I didn’t catch because I found it difficult to understand the accent).


The common points between the two revolutions were enumerated:


Of which one the principle ones were, the role of the leaders: Ayatullah Khomeini in Iran and the Commandant Hugo Chavez of Venezuela.

Ruhollah Nejad says: “Somebody comes, and begins to deliver the correct information and awaken the society in both countries. There is really a large similarity between both societies, it honestly surprised me to note the great similarity between both of these revolutions.”

Raymond Mata says: “They are two revolutions in which a great amount of consonance exists. They are practically the same. Particularly in the manner of which they were both constructed. Therefore, the apprenticeship is very valuable. We were left with a lot of questions (after Hugo (Allah bless his soul) passed away) which, we must continue… (The rest is paraphrased, he spoke too fast lol)... He says, Venezuelans must search for a profound understanding as to why revolutions like these occur, and for what reasons have they been advantageous. And most importantly so they remain in place throughout this time. 

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