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Krishna And Ali

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Please google "authenticity of khutba bayan" and you will find that it is unanimously agreed by shia scholars to be unauthentic. This OP's post is complete rubbish since the comaprison itself becomes invalid based on this.

The irony is that OP has gone to another thread about ying/yang in Islam and complained how it's not needed in our religion... gotta love the double standards

Thanks for the information then.

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Here are some selected quotes from Khutba Bayan:


"I am ‘Zulkarnain (Dhul-Qarnayn: a prophet of the God) who’s virtues are revealed in the Divine Books"


hmm... so Imam Ali is a reincarnation?


"I am ‘Lohay-Mahfooz’"


"I am the ‘one’ who has control over people’s views and beliefs and they will all return to us"




"I am the reliever of ‘Ibrahim Khaleel’ (Prophet Abraham)-when he was thrown into the pool of fire"


Quran:  "We said: O fire! be a comfort and peace to Ibrahim"



"I create the means (of sustenance), I form clouds (in the skies), grow leaves on the trees and bless them with the fruits and make springs to gush out of the earth’s crust. I laid down the earth and raised up the skies,"


These are all attributes and actions of Allah swt, He says in the Holy Quran, that He created everything and makes everything grow... He laid the earth and raised the skies... statements as above are pure unadulterated shirk.


"I will blow the first ‘Surr’ (Deadly Whistle which will extinguish all traces of life) on the Final Day of Judgment"


We know that the Surr will be blown by an angel...


The list goes on, almost every sentence of this so called fabricated khutba is like this, almost as if written by nusairis.


Why do we try to make Imam Ali into something that he is not? Read any sermon of Nahjul Balagha, and you will find the truth there, that Imam Ali was always trying to lead humanity towards Allah swt through justice, and informing them of the realities of this world and the next. All of this is just a distraction from our true purpose of reaching Allah swt.

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According to Syed Khoie and Sistani and Alhakim and Jawad Tabrizi and Fadhil Lankarani

The khutbah is not known, it is wrong to claim that it is one of Imam Ali speeches

The first source where this appears is "Elzam Albasib" for the Shyikh Ali Yazdi Alhaeri who died in 1333 AH , the khutbah did not appear in Alkafi nor in Bihar AlAnwar. The other book where this Khutbah appears in is " mashariq AlAnwar" which is written by known ghali called Rajab Bursi

The Khutbah came in three copies, none of them have proper Sanad ( chain of narrator)

If we skipped the sanad, the khutbah contained many lines that are contradictory to Shia belives.

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