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Who Is Hussain Campaign In Far East Asia

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In the name of Allah, the most Beneficent, the most Merciful


Salaam Alaykum Sisters and Brothers,

To lovers of Imam Hussein
To answer Hussain's call to mankind, 
"Is there any helper to help us?"

15 days keeps as apart from Mouharam we would like you to join this world Hussain Campaign, to make the name of Hussain hesitates on every lips 

Last year a group of lovers of Hussein in London organized a campaign to publicize the Hussain Message during Muharram, through ads on buses and trains and in the newspapers and the distribution of water in the name of Hussain. 
Throughout the campaign, intends to expand the campaign this year to include all cities of the world in order to spread the message of Hussain and make the name Hussain hesitates on everyone's lips. 

You can participate by joining Who Is Hussain Facebook page
and invite everyone to participate in the page, 
You can request the actual participation of your city in the campaign through website .




The 'Who Is Hussain?' campaign has been seen across the world – starting in the UK, and spreading to places as far as India and Australia. The website (whoishussain.org) has gone viral, with more than 15,000 likes on facebook, countless tweets, and personal stories about the affect of Imam Hussain  (as) from UK Book publishers to a woman in Zimbabwe on YouTube.


Please start preparing  from now for coming Mouharram to help in spreading Immam Hussain message in ur community


To create an global grassroots movement of inspired individuals aiming to be compassionate and kind to all those around them, regardless of gender, class, religion, creed or any other superficial factor that divides our common humanity.

"If you don't believe in religion or fear the Resurrection, then at least be free in this world" 
Hussain ibn Ali


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