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Shia Centers In Miami?

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Salam Alikum,

Are there any shia centers/masjids in Miami (close to South Beach)? I will be there for couple of months and Muharram falls during that time. Also, is the area generally safe? I was looking for an apartment and most people who I spoke to said that neighborhood is dangerous. Any places i should avoid? Places to eat halal food? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Wa alikum alsalam,


I just found one shia islamic center in Miami and I don't know if this center close to South Beach or not.


Ershad Center


6669 SW 59th Pl. Miami, FL 33143


(305) 661-2822




I hope this helps.

Thank you :) .. Appreciate the help. I will give it a try, seems like its close to where I live. 

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I know I got to this post late but I thought I'd respond for future refrence.  There are 3 Shia Mosques in the Orlando area as mentioned:


HIC, Husseini Islamic Center, Sanford FL (this is the one I go to)

Biggest Florida Shia Mosque, Ashura Occupancy reaches about 900 people, majority Khoja, English Lectures, and somtimes 25 mins or so Urdu lecture after English


JIC, Jaffaria Islamic Center, Kissimmee FL

Medium size, mostly Pakistani as far as I know, not sure of lecture language


IEC, Islamic Education Center, Orlando FL

Smaller, diverse, decent amount of arabs, I've been there once to give a presentation and I remember some guys talking about how they were from lebenon and the maatam was in farsi and a few notice boards were written in Arabic so I think its more Arabs there.  Very nice community and show great hospitality.

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