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Hosain Amiri

Would Like To Improve My English!

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Salaam everybody. You see what it reads in the titile:), but to elaborate on that, I'm an Iranian 22and am eagerly into having a kind brother of mine who speaks native American english, and he's someone I'd go for making friends with and I'd like to ask him if that's OK with him to help me with my english speaking and chatting. I appreciate those of you who are hopefully firm in beliefs to start with so that I can put my intentions to word in ways I whole-heartedly mean it later in my life. I'm only about my BA in English L&L (probably another way of saying lol!), but see it as fine opportunity to interact a better, more friendly personality later in my life. Personally, I need use of religious terminology in english too as I'm fond of debates (but not quite rich in some areas anyway). But all in all, it would be a day-to-day routine as in real life- except that I want it more close and warm!

By the way, I'd rather go with phones (which I probably don't afford the cost) or through online voice chat (that I might not find the time or the facility always). So, any idea? :)

I didn't mean to be rude, so sorry if it sounds that bad. Anyone striving for a young brother?


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Ummm..do you want to improve your speaking or want to improve English generally? If the latter then I may suggest you read more and more of literature. Read English newspapers also. Stop to look up words in a dictionary and re-read sentences again so you remember the meaning and context in which the word is used. But this is just a suggestion about reading technique that I can offer.

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