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Ibn Abdullah

Protest: Stop The Bloodshed In Saudi Arabia!

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Salam Alaykom brothers and sisters,

Just informing you all that we have organised a protest in front of the Saudi Embassy this Monday in protest of the imprisonment and planned execution of Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr.


When: 10:30am Monday 29th April 2013

Where: Outside Saudi Embassy (38 Guilfoyle Street Yarralumla, ACT)

Why: Protest to Demand the release of Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr and hundreds of innocent prisoners in Saudi jails

FREE Bus available at Jaafaria Shia Islamic Centre (60A Gray St Kogarah NSW) leaving at 7am SHARP - Please call 0414679751 to reserve your seat.


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Don't waste your time, what has protesting ever accomplished? The system will not change simply because under 5 million people demand it to, especially when those in charge profit from what you are protesting against.

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lol what have protests accomplished? Revolutions have begun from protests of a few people!

And besides, it's not about necessarily changing anything, and perhaps a small group of protesters in front of an embassy won't be the downfall of the regime, but that isn't our intention. We are simply doing our taklif to Allah to support our Muslim brothers across the world and voice our disgust at the enemies of Islam. Tawali and Tabarri.

Staying silent in the face of injustice makes one a partner to it.

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