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Blank Blank...it Is DST Again.

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Now, if you ain't heared yet, tonight we all have to jump our clocks ahead one hour.

Sunday will be "early daylight savings time".

Who thinks of this waste of time. Changing clocks, ruining sleep patterns, and such.

According to a program a couple of years ago, it is the shopping centers that are responsible.

Yep! They want people to come in a shop. They think people do not like to shop at night.

Dummies. Don't they look around at christmas time. A whole lotta people shop in the dark then.

And in the cold, too.

No what I propose is an alternative to both daylight time and meridian time or any other artificial time.

I say we go to SUN TIME.

This will be easy. All kids go to school one hour after the Sun comes up. First shift goes to work 2 hours after the Sun comes up. Everything will move smoothly around the dial just like salah.

Everyone, just about, has a cell phone or computer. Just have bells or buzzers go off at the correct intervals. Buzzzzz --Sun up. Ding...school starts. Bong...clock in.


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My I phone that I use as a secondary alarm played up this morning. Woke me up an hour early. Heck I m not in USA; I m Australian. And I didn't realise this the whole day until you said. Will have to say sorry to all my mates whom I told that we have DST and they changed their clocks when the actual DST we have is next week.

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:sign_no::dwarf::dwarf: Time to Change the Clocks ....Again #%#$*&%% x %^*#%% 


So tonight, before you go to sleep, set your clocks back one hour.

This is our semi-annual, Big Mother Gov't Nonsense so be sure to comply.

One local TV Station had the posted time already back one hour ... before midnight. Another station has the 10 o-clock News at 11 --obviously confused about whether to add or subtract one hour.


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:ranting:  :sign_no:

Another, one of them thar ree-mind-ders:

Night of 11/12 March 2017  advance your clocks one hour --American Time

l'd like to advance a platoon on the people that persist with this here gov't-sense, errrrr, tip-of-the-slongue thar. l meant "nonsense".

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19 minutes ago, notme said:

I told my five year old daughter that we were going to have to change the clocks in the morning, and she became angry and started to cry. :confused:

Well, she will just have to get use-to governmental abuse.

Note: yeah, cruel tone but made an additional point about DST and gov't in general.

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