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Who Was Julaybib?

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i heard that name for the first time ever !!

Julaybib was a martyr and one of the less known companions of Muhammad in the early Muslim community.

Julaybib participated in an expedition with Muhammad in which an encounter with some polytheists ensued. When the battle concluded, Muhammad asked his companions: "Have you lost anyone?" They replied giving the names of relatives or close friends who were killed. Another group answered that they had lost no close relatives whereupon Muhammad said, "But I have lost Julaybib. Search for him in the battlefield." They searched and found him beside seven enemies whom he had killed before meeting his end. Muhammad went to the spot where Julaybib lay and standing over him he said, "He killed seven and then was killed? This [man] is of me and I am of him."

Source: Wikipedia :P

Any info?

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On 2/28/2013 at 3:49 AM, abuzahra said:

This is Julaybeeb ibn 'Abdullah al-Fahri al-Ansari. He has also been called Jilbeeb. The only mention about him in our books is that the Prophet (s) intervened to get him married. The narration you pasted from wikipedia is from Sahih Muslim.

Guests are not allowed to reply to topics except in the Guest Lounge. A guest clicked on the report button to tell you this:

Salam!what is your source regarding this name of julaybib n pls do you know of a book talked about his biography. Sorry if I've offended you


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