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I'm still fairly new to the forum, hispanic and want to learn about Islam. Just wanted to see if there were other hispanics here that either converted or are trying to convert.

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I was talking with a guy who calls himself by 'his Muslim name,' as he was giving it to me and it had about five parts and I didn't make note of allof it, but I wrote down Mohammed which was the first of the names he'd given. The brother is a firm lover of Ali and a New York city native re-vert of Puerto Rican dad and mom. He is living full time back in Puerto Rico now and he has an also New York Puerto Rico Shia re-vert friend there who owns his own taxi and drives a cab for a living there.

Both of them speak fluent English and fluent Spanish, native Puerto Rico born and New York City raised. Both Shia Muslims, and this guy insisted on giving me his cell phone number. So, if you want more Shia Islam in Puerto Rico information from him go ahead and call him on the cell number he insisted on having me write down:


San Juan Area Metropolitana

Espanol o English

787 203-7483

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