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Sayed Kamal Al-Haidary Is Back!

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After a prolonged absence, Sayed Kamal Al-Haidary makes his long awaited return with a new episode of the famous show "Mutarahat fee Al Aqeeda." The new series will investigate the status and position of Prophet Muhammad (saw) and contrary to previous shows, it will focus more on the correct view upheld by the Muslims and in particular the Ahlul Bayt (as), as opposed to the traditional focus on Banu Ummayah and Ibn Taymiyah.

I will post the first episode as soon as it is uploaded, which will be in a few hours insha'Allah.

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I'm sure this has been suggested a number of times, but can we not setup a Shiachat fund or something to have these videos translated into english?

Or maybe someone here knows people already working on this project that we can contact to contribute?

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