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This is a thread to archive various video debates/presentations which aim to clarify Shia beliefs as well as the refutation of commonly held Sunni beliefs.

This thread is ment for archiving purposes only and not for debate. If one is interested in debate, they may start another thread about the video in question. The thread will be closed to replies. If some one has a video they think should be added to this thread, they should send that video with a brief explanation to me (Al-Mufeed) via the personal messenger feature.

All videos must be in the english language or have english subtitles.

1) Imam Ali (as) is the 1st khalifa- Sayyed Kamal Haydari refutes Uthmaan Khamees

2) The Knowledge of Imam Ali (as) in Saheeh Sunni Hadeeth- Seyyid Kamal Haydari

3) Imam Ali 1st Khalifa! [Eng] من كان اول خليفة لرسول الله (ص)؟؟

4) The Prophet (s) and the Heavens grieved for Imam Hussein in Kerbala - Seyyid Kamal Haydari

5) Who was the Imam of Sayyeda Fatema bint Mohammed (s)?

6) Karbala and Bani Umayyah by Ayatullah Kamal al-Haidari

7) The Sunna of Cursing Imam Ali (as) From The Pulpits- Sheikh Zakariyya refuting Uthmaan al-Khamees

8) 10 Exclusive Virtues of Imam Ali (as) and the hypocrisy of Sheikh Shoa'ib Arnaoot- Sayyed Kamal Haydari

9) Muawiya ibn Abi Sufyan's hatred for Imam Ali- Seyyid Kamal Haydari

10) Is Bibi Aisha Siddiqa/Truthful? Kamal Haydari- هل أم المؤمنين عائشة صديقة؟ ا

11) Killer of Umar VS Killer of Imam Ali according to Ibn Taymiyyah


12) Sheikh Zakariyya refutes Uthmaan Khamees Part 2


13) Bibi Aisha and her stance to Imam Ali (a.s)- Seyyid Kamal Haydari


14) Khaybar and the 2 caliphs-Kamal Haydari أبو بكر وعمر جَبُنا في معركة خيبر


15) Bibi Aisha according to the Holy Quran Part 1- Sayyed Kamal Haydari


16) Sheikh Zakariyya refutes Uthmaan Khamees on temporary marriage


17) Umar al-Khattab's knowledge- Sayyed Kamal Haydari


18) Banu Umayya and the Ahlulbayt Úáíå ÇáÓáÇã- Sayyed Kamal Haydari كُره بني امية لأهل البيت


19) Imam Ali's words on Aisha - S. Kamal Haidari (ENG SUB)


20) Strange Salafi Fatwa | Sayyid Kamal Al-Haydari | Bayt Naqawi



21) Is prostrating on soil Bid'a?






22) Refuting Uthmaan Khamees on Hadeeth Kisa






23) What happened to the Sunnah of the Beloved Prophet (saw)?






24) Can the Prophet (s) hear and reply to those who call unto him? 






25) Sheikh Zakariyya exposes Dimashqiyah's lies and deceit. 



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