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Battle Flag Color(S) Of Prophet (Sa) & Ahl-Ul-Bayt

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As salam alaykum

We see lots of flags of different colours in the religious commemorations of Muharram.

Can anyone provide evidence (preferably referenced ) for the color of the flag used by the Infallibles at the following battles:

1. Badr, Uhud, Khaybar, Khandaq etd - battles fought in time of the Holy Prophet (s)

2. Battles fought in caliphate of Imam Ali (as)? - Jamal, Siffee, Nahrwan etc

3. Battle of Karbala - that of Husain (as) and Abbas (as) ie 'THE alam of Karbala'

4. Flag of Imam Mahdi (atf) on His Rising (I've heard of black banners from Khurasan but I want to know the colour of HIS flag).

Q. Did different Imams have different flags?

Wa Salam

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