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Learning Farsi

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you can learn farsi online through al mustafa open university. i-aou.ir


Salam Aleikum

I`m also interested on farsi. I think it is a very beautiful language.

Do you know how much is the fee one must pay for those courses?

Thank you so much!

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Rich and poor (Persian Poem)

به گورستان گذر کردم کم و بیش

بدیدم حال دولتمند و درویش

نه درویشی به خاکی بی کفن ماند

نه دولتمند برد از یک کفن بیش


خاک شد هر که در این خاک زیست

خاک چه داند که در این خاک کیست

سر انجام که باید از این خاک رفت

خوشا آنکه پاک آمد و پاک رفت


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I am attempting to learn Farsi from this website:


I'm really excited. I've learned the big and small forms of B, P, and T (the letters) so far. I need a lot of practice, because all though I know them and can write them out, I can't read them in a large block of text. I mean, I can, but it's hard and takes me FOREVER to work which letter is which. Oh well, I will practice insh'Allah.

Does anyone have any experience with learning Farsi? I only speak English and broken German, so I have NO experience with indo-iranian languages. At all. If you could give me any tips or pointers, I would greatly appreciate it.

What country do you live in? There are lots of expat Iranian communities around the world and if there is one thing Iranians love to do is share their culture/language/FOOD :P You should try to find a community and get immersed in it....Im sure they would love to help!

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I really want to learn farsi too. I started it with another lady but she is busy :Cry:. With a language you have to continuously speak it. I would want it to be a two way thing so that I can learn it properly. In Iran, I pick it up so quickly and can fool people with just a few words lol. Like at the passport checkout, I just speak basic words. Its hilarious. I am also learning polish lol. But again I need to talk with people. Although I can understand people when they walk past me to an extent, I need a person or environment to learn it properly inshaAllah.

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I know this is an old post, but I was wondering how you've come along since you started learning. 

Is there anything you'd specifically recommend? My house mate is going to Iran for 6 weeks over the summer to learn the language in Iran at a university. I'm not sure if that's worth it since my holiday is exactly 6 weeks. Is it possible to learn it online and perhaps practice speaking with friends? 

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سلام هرکس دوست داره ما در خدمتیم!


Every body interested in Persian I would be glad to help!

These site offers amazing free services such as app, mp3 audio, e-book,...on 50 languages including Persian!





some countries may not be able to access the site so change your IP with Proxy or VPN

 Just to say how easier than Arabic is :

Farsi and Arabic has the same alphabet and writing system, (Farsi have 4 more characters)

66% of words in Farsi are taken from Arabic

5000  words are In Arabic which has Farsi Roots.

while Iranians prefer to learn a whole new language rather than Arabic because Arabic's Grammar is VERY complicated and hard! 

There is only 6 vowels in Farsi. English has 22

Arabic has different pronunciation for consonants below, but in Farsi they all have same sound! like the English

Z=ز ذ  ض  ظ  

S=ص س  ث 

T=ط ت ة 

H=ح   ه

GH=ق  غ

Iranians talk slowly and softly, so you can hear and distinguish words easily.

But Arabs Talk Faster with more taking more Energy! and they have letter pronounced from deep their throat (glottal) which is hard to make!

 There is no male female thing in Persian, so you can make sentences, poems, ...that is obscure whether you are referring to a man, a woman, God,...It can be used in many ways and its beautiful no one can tell whether it is a song for a beloved lady or a God Almighty!

Farsi has not changed through history a lot so you can read poems from one thousand years ago very easily! Many languages including English can't do that!

There are amazing poems in Farsi that you don't see in Arabic and English. some are so musical that you can dance with music of the words in your head!

Grammar is  very flexible so if you put verbs, object, pronouns either in first or end of the sentence they will make sense most of the time. even words can be broken and shortened and have the same meaning

since we are borrowing Arabic words you would never  run out of synonyms and antonyms.

Learning Persian is like learning two languages at the same time!

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On 8/25/2012 at 0:07 PM, BaqiyatullahY said:

Don't start farsi, the priority is Arabic, language of our Prophet (saw), after-death language, language of the Quran, the best language for poems, and you can make wonderful arab calligraphy in this language (some examples of my arab calligraphy ex-teacher: http://www.myspace.c...graphies/848914)

This is the book i would recommend you.. click on New/used books, to get it cheap.. and if it's too much expensive, you could find others similar books on the net..


Don't make visiting iran as your first reason to learn farsi... you could be disappointed if Iran get involved in the future world war 3 !

Well, personally, i just used my Assimil book with audio cd,.. it's important to listen to get a proper accent, and that's it.. nothing more

Get a book with audio cd/cassette, and enjoy your lessons ! :D

Salam everyone , i ancestors belong to mazindran , but i dont speak persian because i am in india . I want to learn persian , i visited iran twice for ziyaraat , communication was major problem . In the start  managed to speak basic words like names , directions , etc . But i think its not enough . I earnestly want to learn farsi . I am going to ziyarat again in arbayeen , some how need to start learning it . Please if anyone could help me with that

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On 6/4/2016 at 12:02 PM, Mahdi Mortezapour said:

GH=ق  غ


Can anyone write this sound in IPA? (e.g. /q/ "Arabic ق" or /ɣ/ "Arabic غ") 

This is the website with IPA sounds.



And this is an IPA keyboard.



It can be really confusing when it is written with a re-spell, as some of us aren't familiar with that.

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