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How To Know If Allah Swt Is Testing Me?

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I think the same, your always tested.

The following question might be interesting:

Why is Allah SWT testing us as Allah SWT already knows how we will respond to the test? Allah SWT is the Allknowing.

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Salam Alakom,

As everyone above said, every second of our life that passes by is a test, every situation you are under when you ask yourself 'Why Me', 'Why not other's', 'Can I have this', etc. Espcially when you start asking yourself questions, or are under a tight situation, but every second of our life is a test, we are only hear in this Dunya for a short amount of time, our Final Exam will be the Day of Judgement isA, let us pray in these holy night of Ramadan that our A'mal are accepted :)!


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Someone once asked Imam Ali (a.s) the same question. He asked that if one is hit with a calamity or affliction, how does one know if they are being punished by Allah or whether they are being tested by Allah ÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì. Since it is well known that Allah also punishes people in this world and also tests people in this world so how can one differentiate between the two? Imam Ali (a.s) replied that it was very easy to tell. If the affliction/calamity brings you closer to Allah (swt) then it was a test, but if it takes you away from Allah (swt) then it was a punishment. That is why Imam Ali (a.s) always prayed to Allah (swt) that no matter what calamity befalls him, he asked that it be one that brings him closer to Allah ÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì.

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