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In case you did not look at the link in my previous message, it says that there will also be a Fasting Seminar in Burtonsville, MD. The state of Maryland. Probably you have to call the number and get more info on that one in MD. I do not live in either location, just passing along the info from a friend of mine.

Spirituality through fasting

What should I know before I fast?

What things break my fast?

When am I excused from fasting?

How do I atone for a missed fast?


12:00 p.m. - 01:40 p.m. Seminar

01:40 p.m. - 02:30 p.m. Prayer/Light Lunch

02:30 p.m. - 04:30 p.m. Seminar


01:00 p.m. - 01:30 p.m. Prayer

01:30 p.m. - 03:00 p.m. Seminar

03:00 p.m. - 03:30 p.m. Light Lunch

03:30 p.m. - 05:00 p.m. Seminar

Date: Saturday, July 14th, 2012

Fees: $10.00, can be paid at the doors (Only Dearborn)

Ages: Open to ALL AGES

Call 313-562-IMAM (4626)

Location Dearbon: The Atrium Building,

I.M.A.M., 835 Mason St • Dearborn, Michigan 48124

Location Burtonsville: Idara-e-Jaferia,

3140 Spencerville Road, Burtonsville, MD 20866

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Salaam sister, do you know what the schedule for the Islamic House of Wisdom?



Sorry. I have never been to Michigan. I was just passing along some info from a friend who lives in Texas. I don't know if she has ever been to Michigan either. :P

Last night I was waiting for an email to tell everyone if the moon was sighted, but I received an email about an Islamic book. https://secure.imam-...rg/najaf-corner

Also received info asking $10 donation to feed the people who are fasting. https://secure.imam-...ct-starts-today

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here is a very good islamic program for your youth in dearborn area: http://wiselearn.org/ br.hassanain runs the whole thing and its non-profit! check them out, he has ramadan programs where we stay up until 5 reading dua, praying and talking to our fellow brothers!

insha'Allah this September I'm starting a class taught by him ^_^

I love the WISE building and the people!

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Sorry, I found out about this new project a little bit late.




Deadline to donate to Eid For Orphans is Tuesday, August 14, 2012 to ensure ample time to purchase the clothing prior to the Eid...

All donations are tax deductible

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"INTERNATIONAL DAY OF AL-QUDS - Metro Detroit / Dearborn, Michigan"

Auto-Rally & Protest - Friday, August 17th, @ 1:30pm

Dear Brother/Sister,


The Al-Quds Committee cordially invites you to the Detroit Metro Area's Annual Commemoration of the International Day of Al-Quds. This year we plan to hold an Auto-Rally AND Protest.


Click the map above to be directed to an On-line map of the Auto-Rally Route

The plan is:

1) Assemble at Hemlock Park (Schaefer @ Hemlock, Dearborn) @ 1:30pm to offer Zuhrain prayers.

2) The Auto-Rally will depart @ 2:30pm, with the participants driving their cars, along the rally route, in the form of a caravan, lead by Lead Cars.

3) The Destination (as indicated on the route map) is Hart Plaza (Jefferson Ave. @ Woodward Ave., Downtown Detroit), with an estimated arrival time of 3:30pm.

4) Upon arrival at Hart Plaza, we will hold a protest there.

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Zakat al-Fitrah

I.M.A.M.Dearborn, MI



With the excitement of the new year ahead of us and the joyous completion of the holy month of Ramadhan, it is easy to forget about the needs those who are impoverished and our obligation to provide charity to them. Therefore, we should be reminded that such people in need require our help to make it through the year. Zakat-ul-Fitrah is a special form of obligatory Zakat given at the end of the month of Ramadhan, during the day of Eid.


Zakat is obligatory tax prescribed by Allah the Mighty; he likened it to prayer in many verses. He has mentioned in the Qur'an:

"Successful indeed are the believers who are humble in their prayers and who shun vain conversation and who are payers of the poor due." (23:1-4)

The Prophet (as) confirmed it in many tradition as a pillar of Islam.


Materials, amount, and guidelines

It is obligatory on the individual who is sane, adult (physically mature), and wealthy (whose finances are secure through available assets or continuous income).

The obligatory time

to pay starts from the beginning of the night of Eid and ends at the time of Eid prayer. If the time was missed, then the Zakat must be paid with the intention of absolute servitude to Allah.

Zakat-ul-Fitrah is equivalent

to three kilograms (about 6.6 pounds) of a popular food such as rice or wheat (per person). This is a US$10.00 minimum equivalent per eligible person. For example, a family of 5 would pay US$50.

This charity must be spent

on the poor--those who do not have financial support for the year. It is not to be received by the Hashimite (descendants of the prophet Muhammad) unless the giver is Hashimite.

The Zakat may be paid

directly to the poor, to your local mosque or center, or to the religious authority and their agents, who have knowledge and experience in the proper venues of appropriation.

If it is easier for you

can send it to IMAM ahead of time, and in turn we will devote the money on your behalf on the night of Eid it will be sent to the poor and needy.

Methods of Payments

  • You may send your Zakat as a check or money order directly to our mailing address:
    • IMAM Main Office,
    • 835 Mason St.
    • Dearborn, MI 48124.

    [*]Or you can just click on the following link to pay online: http://www.imam-us.o...zakat-al-fitrah

    [*](select "Zakat-ul-Fitrah" under payment type)

Please note that if a center or person knows of someone needy in their city, it is not religiously allowed to send the Zakat-ul-Fitrah to feed the poor out of that city. (Reference: Minhajul-Saliheem, Book 1, page 383. Year 2001. Mas'ala #1182)

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Bismehe Ta3ala,

Assalam Alikum.

Sister Hameedah, I have three events taking place in Dearborn. First one is those who are interested in home schooling their children.

The principle is Brother Hassanian Rajabali.

Second event is for Zaman International.

Third,on Hajj classes at ICA

M3 Salamah, FE AMIN Allah

Salamun 'alaykum,

WISE is happy to announce the start of our homeschooling program for this coming school year (2012-2013). Our

mission is to provide excellence in education and ethics at affordable prices for students in grades 5-12.

All of our students will have the opportunity to finish High School at an early age so that they can get an earlier start in

college. Our classes include Math, Language Arts, Science, Qur'an/Arabic, and Islamic Studies and physical education.

The students will have daily congregational prayers as well. The following is a list of teachers at WISE for this program.

Hassanain Rajabali - Principal Batoul Hossein – Educator - Curriculum AdvisorProf. Hasan Humadi – Mathematics and Arabic InstructorNoor Kraus - Harvard Graduate - Education & Islamic Studies

Dr. Samantha Rajabali – PhD in Molecular Biology - Science


Amena Almasmari – Teacher - Arabic and Islamic StudiesOpen enrollment is currently available for students in grades 5-9. Classes will take place at the WISE facility on Ford Road. Spaces are limited. Classes will commence on Monday, September 10th. The yearly tuition fee is $3800.

Attention will be given to making sure the students achieve high ACT/SAT scores. These scores are essential for obtaining scholarships and being accepted into the top universities. For more information or to set up an appointment for an interview, please call 313-744-2345 .

At WISE, we strive for academic success through innovative teaching methods and proactive approaches to learning. Discover the great rewards that WISE has to offer and experience how our effective teaching strategies will equip your child with the tools and learning skills needed to

excel in his/her education and to be inspired morally as an independent and creative thinker.

WISE Learning & Sports aims to provide services that foster positive lifestyles and interactions according to the ways of the Holy Prophet and his family. God willing, our efforts to invest in the future of our youth will lead to a more caring and sharing society.With Salaams,

WISE Administration


Hajj Classes Begin!

Imam Sayyid Hassan Qazwini

Saturday, September 8th

The Islamic Center of America cordially invites our brothers and sisters planning to perform Hajj this year to attend free classes on Hajj led by Imam Sayyid Hassan Qazwini. Classes will be held Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays for four weeks. Classes begin Saturday, September 8, 2012 from 8PM to 9PM. Hajj classes are aimed at educating those who are embarking on this religious pilgrimage by explaining details of the process and all its rituals.

  • PowerPoint visual presentations
  • Bilingual class in Arabic and English
  • No registration required, no charge
  • Preparations for Hajj
  • Step-by-step instruction
  • Question & Answer forum


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The main Detroit Dearborn event is: everybody come to baradar's tonight and bring a pack of halal beer

woooooooooooo spring breakkkkkk

Are you on the east or west side? I'll send my husband.

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تحت شعار

أبد والله يا زهراء ما ننسى حسيناه

تقوم الجالية الاسلامية في أمريكا الشمالية عن أعلان المسيرة السنوية التاسعة بمناسبة يوم أربعينية سيد الشهداء الحسين عليه السلام في المدينة الامريكية ديربورن يوم السبت ، 5 جانوري (كانون الثاني) ويشترك في المسيرة الآلاف لتكون حلقة أتصال بالمسيرة المليونية في العراق والتي بدأت قبل أسبوعين والمتجهة الى مدينة كربلاء المقدسة في ٢٠ من صفر الخير

برنامج المسيرة

يكون التجمع بعد صلاة الظهر في الساعة الواحدة والنصف ظهراً في مركز كربلاء الاسلامي ليوم السبت 5 جانوري. تتجه المسيرة في شوارع أمريكا نحو منتزه هامالاك. حيث سيكون هناك برامج خاصه بالمناسبة بالأضافة الى الغداء (تمن وقيمة) وفعاليات أسلامية في هذه الذكرى

يرجوا الشيخ هشام الحسيني أعادة ارسال هذا الخبر الى كل من تعرفه ويرغب بالاشتراك

للمعلومات: اتصل بسماحة الشيخ هشام على الهاتف

ذكر الشيخ هشام بان شرطة مدينة ديربورن الامريكية هم اتصلوا به قبل اسبوعين ليذّكروه بموعد المسيرة السنوية

عنوان مركز كربلاء الاسلامي في ديربورن

15332 W. Warren Ave

Dearborn, MI 48126

Ya Hussein

Muslim community of North America is announcing the 9th annual March of Imam Hussein (A.S.) Arbaeen in the USA City of Dearborn, Saturday, Jan 5, 2013. Thousands of people participate every year in the event. It is linked to the March of Arbaeen in Iraq. Millions have started marching since two weeks ago from several cities in Iraq toward the holy city of Karbala to show their support for Imam Hussein against the oppressors on the 20th of the month of Sufar.


On Saturday, Jan 5, 2013 after Duhur (noon) prayer (about 1:30pm) people will gather at the Islamic Center of Karbala. The March (through USA streets) will be from Masjed Karbala to Hemlock Park where special programs are prepared for this international occasion including food, speeches, activities, .etc.

Address of Islamic Center of Karbala

15332 W. Warren Ave

Dearborn, MI 48126

Edited by Laayla

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I live in Detroit, and attend services at Al- Zahraa.

Yeah I finally made it to the Wise Academy last night. Good stuff and good people. I was concerned about being the old guy in a youth group, but alhamdulillah I saw all ages of people there.

There will be a Fatimiyah program 3/11-3/13 at the Lebanese American Heritage Club, but I don't know much more than that.

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17 hours ago, A175 said:

I live in Detroit, and attend services at Al- Zahraa.

Yeah I finally made it to the Wise Academy last night. Good stuff and good people. I was concerned about being the old guy in a youth group, but alhamdulillah I saw all ages of people there.

There will be a Fatimiyah program 3/11-3/13 at the Lebanese American Heritage Club, but I don't know much more than that.

incredible did you meet hassanain rajabali or see him?

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