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Study In Iran For Foreigners

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Ref to Shadow of Light, post #25, comment on a football match.


When in a Mid-West college, we had many students from Lebanon. They played a football/soccer match. One of them score a goal. They were close together going for the ball.


For one week +, everywhere they went, they argued over the goal. Whose fault, not according to  the "rules", yadda yadda....


The whole campus was talking about this continuing argument.

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If you wish to go to any Iranian university, you should start from here .... 


During three months you will learn Farsi and then you will chose your university. People of Iran are nice and the fees are low. You can get scholarship too.   

But if you want to apply for Hawzah you need to go to Almustafa university directly. It's free of fees. 

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