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40 Most Beautiful Mosques In The World

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Hi everyone,

I came across this yesterday.

The 40 most beautiful mosques in the world (their opinion of course):


The Puchong Perdana Mosque in Malaysia (or the "mosque on mirror") is quite an amazing photo, though I wouldn't say it's the most beautiful one of the list. My favorite mosque on this list is the Faisal mosque of Pakistan. Another amazing mosque in Malaysia is the Crystal Mosque. After that, 3rd place would go to the Grand Mosque in the UAE, or Sheikh Zayyed Mosque.

What would you say is your favorite?

Another mosque not on this list that is one of my favorites is located in Russia, known as the Kul Sharif:


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I do not know whether architecturally people might consider this one of the most beautiful mosques, but for the sheer feeling of peace you get when praying there, I would vote for the Masjid Qiblatain in Medina for spiritual beauty:

250px-Masjid_al-Qiblatain.jpg (wasalam)

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