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Ya Hussain! Ya Hussain! - Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

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Ya Hussain! Ya Hussain!

shaheed-e-Karbala ki mominoN jab yaad aati hai

tadap jaati hai duniya, khoon ke aansooN bahaati hai

Ya Hussain! Ya Hussain!

Whenever the martyrs of Karbala are remembered

The world cries and sheds tears of blood

O Hussain! O Hussain!

shah hast Hussain baadshah hast Hussain

deen hast Hussain deen pana hast Hussain

sar daad na daad dast dar dast-e-Yazeed

haq aa ke bina La-Ila hast Hussain

Ruler is Hussain, Emperor is Hussain,

Faith is Hussain , guardian of faith is Hussain .

Offered his head and not the hand to Yazid.

Truly, the mirror of faith is Hussain

sajde mein sar kataane ko aakhir kata dia

lekin Khuda ke naam ka danka baja dia

Ya Hussain! Ya Hussain!!

Finally, he was martyred during prayer

But the word of God was made famous the world over

O Hussain! O Hussain!

deed ki gar talaash hai sar ko jhuka namaaz mein

dil se khudi ko bhool kar khud ko mita namaaz mein

aayega tujh ko jab nazar roo-e-Khuda jab namaaz mein

pahle Hussain ki tarah sar ko kata namaaz mein

aur keh

Ya Hussain! Ya Hussain!

If you search for God, bow your head in prayer

Forget the self, lose your self in prayer

You will then realise God in your prayers

When you first sacrifice yourself like Hussain in prayer and then say,

O Hussain! O Hussain!

kis ki majaal ai Hussain tujh ko ho tujh se ham-saree

baap ke ghar Imam the naana ke ghar payambari

shakl-e-Hussain dekh kar haq bhi kahega hashr mein

ai mere Mustafa ke laal ummat-e-Mustafa baree

Ya Hussain! Ya Hussain!

Who can claim parity with you O Hussain,

Your father was the leader and grandfather was prophet.

Even God will say looking at the face of Hussain

O the flower of Muhammad, all his followers are forgiven

O Hussain! O Hussain!

salaami Karbala mein kya qayamat ki ghari hogi

churi Shabbir ki gardan pe jis dam chal rahi hogi

kaleja thaam kar Meer-e-falaq bhi rah gaya hoga

kaleje per Ali Akbar ke barchi jab lagi hogi

What difficult time it would have been in Karbala

When Shabbir had the knife on his throat.

Even the prince of the Universe would have his heart out

When the dagger was drawn on the heart of Ali Akbar

mujhe jaane do paani bhar ke ye Abbas kehte the

kayi din ki pyaasi hai Sakina ro rahi hogi

luti hai jaise duniya Karbala mein ibn-e-Haider ki

kisi mazloom ki duniya na duniya mein luti hogi

Let me go, let me take the water with me, urged Abbas

Sakina is waiting, thirsty for days.

Like the world of father of Haider was lost

Nobody's world would have been lost this way

Mohammad ke nawaase ne jo kee teghoN ke saaye mein

bashar to kya farishtoN se na aise bandagi hogi

hamare khooN ke badle mein ummat bakhsh de Ya Rab

Khuda se hashr mein ye iltijaa Shabbir ki hogi

Ya Hussain! Ya Hussain!

As prayed the grandson of Muhammad under the swords

Let alone humans, even angels would not have prayed that way.

O God ! forgive the Muslims in lieu of my sacrifice

This will be the request of Shabbir on the judgement day.

O Hussain! O Hussain!

You can search for the awesome perfomance by Nusrat on youtube, here is the vid for now before the Haram Police remove it in anycase...


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