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Any Ziarat Trips From The Uk?

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Salam brother I am soo soo sorry about the late reply I completely forgot I had put it up here!! Well, the deadling was today but they are still taking people because it hasn't even been a month that everyone has found out basically the notice was too short lol. But I would love to know if you have been contacted.. If not! This is brother Saifs number 07429105402 he will give you ALL the information you wish to know InshAllah and I'm sorry again for the late reply!

Please do let others know.. JazakAllah!

Allah hafiz!

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Wa alaikum assalam, no problem at all sister, I was able to contact and talk to the brother after emailing him. 


I sent brother Saif information about myself but haven't yet paid and registered, because of a couple of things: 

- there's no website or any other page online that exists for this trip where I can find the schedules, terms and conditions, organizer details, etc. for this trip 

- the bank account I was asked to send money to was a personal (not on the organization's name) account 

- I can't find a proper site maintained by this Imamia Youth group (even if information about this trip doesn't exist on it) either in order to find the address and contact numbers for my general reference 

- I asked a question about the Iranian visa, requested to speak to the scholar who I'm told is leading this group (Shaykh Hassanain Aleem Mir), or to pay at the Imamiya Youth office instead of a transfer to that bank account, or meet the brother in-person before sending money, but so far secured none of these 

- lastly, and I hope I don't come across as rude or offensive sister, but yours is a new ShiaChat account and I can't part with (what is for me at least) a significant sum of money without knowing anyone involved at least somewhat well 


If you consider this from my point of view, I'm being asked to trust someone who I haven't met nor talked to significantly and the organization they represent doesn't seem to have much of a visible footprint.


I was very eager and looking forward to the trip, and I realize I can still go ahead and pay and hope for the best, but at this stage in my life I'd rather not take the risk. If I can't go this time Inshallah there's always the next year and well-known groups I can wait for even though they charge a lot more..

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Salam brother! Lol don't wory I totally understand where your coming from I had only made this account recently and thought I'd advertise our trip!

Just for my back up (lol) not all kafilas have websites ect. sometimes you just have to trust Allah swa and your fellow brothers and sisters!

I would persuade you not to miss this chance but obviously I don't want you to think I'm doing it for personal reasons lool but Mola waris :) Hope you can come if not next time :) I'll let you know how it went lol.

Allah hafiz

Remember me in your duas!

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And brother! There's soo many people Brother Saif has to deal with I don't think he has the time to focus on just one person! Sorry, if there's anything I can do let me know lol.

Fi amanAllah.

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Brother aliasghark, there are several red flags that are immediately noticeable about the group that you have contacted. I would advise to wait and go with a more well-known group even if they are more expensive. I went with a very famous North American group last year and even though they were very reputable and had lots of strong contacts in najaf and karbala, I still noticed some areas in which their organizational skills left a lot to be desired, and it wasn't even on aashura or arbayeen (maqsoosi), so you may get a rough idea of what could be in store for you if you plan to go with a not so well known group versus a well known group. Just to be more sure, you could try to talk to some people who already went with this group so that you could know how their experiences were. 

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Im goin to Iran in August too Insha'Allah but not with this group. Ive been on ziarat of shaam with low range groups, mid range groups, expensive groups and on my own. when it comes to desi organisations trust me, low price range groups are not a red flag, they are screaming klaxon fire alarm.


is this the first time for the group? what experience does the organiser have? is it atol protected/ is there travel insurance etc? what, exactly, is the itinery? why is it so cheap when travel & expense are so expensive?


will people have their own rooms or sharing? en suite or shared bathrooms?

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Wa alaikum assalam and wa alaikum assalam :) 


The lack site was only one of the things I considered sister. All the best for your trip, please do keep this thread (or a new one) updated if possible so we can follow along. May God keep you safe and accept your ziarat. 


That's a good idea bro, I should try talking to people who have previously gone with this group. Any old members of this site who have and can share their experience? 


Inshallah by next year I will have found out more about this and other groups and be in a better position. I should have done it in the last year but yeah... I was busy etc. I have my excuses. 

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I know the answers to some of those questions from brother Saif, if I remember correctly there's a two week Qum and a one-week Mashad stay and short visits to Tehran and Isfahan. The price is of 750 pounds is actually very reasonable but not impossibly cheap because the lowest-cost return air tickets London to Iran are usually a bit over 300, and due to the country's high inflation expenses inside Iran are minimal, probably around 200 pounds. We were to stay like students, in the same place they would normally live, I'm guessing sharing with one other person. I think this is not their first time and they organized the same thing last year for 700, while the Imam Asr group charged 1000 last year and 1500 this year. 


As for the rest of the questions I'm also curious about them, but don't want to trouble the organizers who seem to be tied-up with a lot at the moment. I hope once they return they'll add all of these answers to an FAQ document and post it somewhere. In fact I can setup something simple for them myself if I get a chance to meet them and find out Inshallah. 

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Assalam o Alaikum, Ya Ali Madad


Is there any group going for Iran and Iraq in December 2013 with Arbaeen Ashra planned in Iraq?


Have seen a few packages only for Iraq. Is there any combined package for the two countries.


Also, does anyone know when Umrah tickets will be opened after Hajj this year?



Thanking you in advance for your kind advice.

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Salam brothers and sisters :) hope you are all well..

I am back from Iran :) came a few days ago... Thought I'd update you on my trip! And all I can say is WOW. Alhamdulillah my experience was phenomenal!!! Everything was perfect ALHAMD.. Our trip was organised by Molana Ali Raza Rizvi, so ofcourse it would be excellent :) in my eyes I had not seen even one down side and even if there was, I'm not the type of person to moan especially the place I was at!

Qom was just out of this world.. Support from brother Saif 24/7, even if we called him 3 in the morning he would be ready to help us with anything!

Mashaad was even more amazing! We stayed in a lovely hotel clean, massive rooms, 3 times buffet! Busses going to Imam Raza AS's roza all the time but we chose to walk :)

Overall it's been amazing and I couldn't thank Allah swa enough for giving me such a beautiful experience and Inshallah I do want to go again! Can't stop missing it!!

Remember us in your duas brothers, if I said anything that came across rude please forgive me :) Jzk


Ya Ali Madat

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Salamun alaikum

In facing the same issue for many years, of finding out who is going for ziyarat from the UK, it was decided a website collating that information be created.

Ziyarat of the Holy Household bring us nearer to Allah

By the Grace of Almighty Allah, and in seeking his nearness, and intercession of Bibi Fatima (sa) we are able to see which group is going from the UK via this site...TakeMeToKarbala.co.uk 

There is a good selection of Groups already giving scheduled travel plans to Iran, Iraq, Hajj and even Sham. 

If you have any constructive feedback 

Sayed Asad

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