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Jobs In Dubai (u.a.e)

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Jobs in Dubai (Live jobs till now)


I will post jobs here which are live.

Note: People in dubai are 90% only consider for these jobs so out of dubai people have least chance. So if ur planning a visit for job or already there then its great.

I found these from my resources but you can't give my refrence.


Market Development Manager

Based in KSA

· Bachelor’s degree holder

· Experience in IT distribution, wholesale and retail

· Knowledge and exposure in Saudi market

· Fluent in speaking and writing English and Arabic

· Self-starter, with management and business development skills


Marketing Executive

Based in UAE

· Bachelor's degree holder

· Arab national, male or female, 30 years of age or younger

· With good experience in IT sales

· With vast knowledge in media marketing, social networking, and marketing research & analysis

· Must have background in creative writing

· Fluent in English and Arabic, spoken and written

· Must be aggressive and with strong personality

· Background in Adobe Creative Suite is an advantage


Sales Coordinator

Based in UAE

· Bachelor degree holder

· Female, Indian National

· Prior experience in same industry

· Proficient in MS Office

· Sales background in computer accessories

· Must have good communication skills and customer service abilities

· Knowledge in Oracle system is an advantage


Sales Promoter

Based in UAE

· Bachelor’s degree holder or equivalent certificate

· Experience in sales preferably IT retail and promotion

· UAE sales experience is an advantage

· English speaking candidate

· Young and energetic with a passion for gadgets

Apply from this link >>>


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ShiaChat is blocked there, so you can forget using this site!

So what u think where I'm post from :D (there are always different ways)

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