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Every one - As most of you may already know your brother Al-Mufeed is a master Chief @)

Please see previous cooking thread for confirmation http://www.shiachat....icken-and-naan/

Now today I am going to show you how to make a favorite dish of many people. Sushi.

First things first the entire dish that most of us know is not actually called Sushi, sushi is just the name of the rice preparation. Preparing the rice correctly is the most integral part of making sushi, and it may take a few tries to get it right. Japanese Sushi Chiefs spend several years perfecting the rice making techniques (yes I know - japanese people are a little bit strange lol), any ways on to the rice preparation:

First you will need Japanese Rice - medium grain. (You can also ask for sushi specific rice which tends to just be higher quality and its usually more expensive, but it all works to be honest).

You can get this rice at any ethnic-asian market. Here is a picture:


You can not use Basmati rice - it will not work - so please dont ask (as Desis and Middle easterners seem to always ask lol). You can get about 5 pounds of this type of rice for like 6 dollars.

Ok so then you need to prep the rice for cooking. In this particular case I am going to be making 3 and a half cups of rice which will give you plenty of Sushi rice to make enough for like a dozen rolls may be more.

So first things first you want to do is rinse your rice, using a strainer. 392544_100204120113368_455213210_n.jpg

Note - get your self a measuring cup, it makes life allot easier. Last time I posted my other recipe I had a few people (not on the thread) asking me about the measuring units (they didnt understand). I am using U.S measuring units, so I guess from what I understand the concept of using ounces and cups and quarts etc is pretty uncommon to people in Australia and other places so - to give you some perspective its about 300 mili liters to a cup.

Ok so what you want to do once you have your rice in the strainer, run water through it try to clean it as best as you can, and then after that take the rice and put it in a bowl or pot or what ever you want to chose and fill it with water till the water level is significantly higher than the rice level, and then let it sit for a while - like an hour or so.


Now on a side note, the rice texture and flavor needs to be just right. Having impurities will really change the taste of your final product. So make sure every thing you use is clean and doesn't have any thing left in it from previous cooking/eating.

After we have let our rice sit for a while we are going to strain it again, and then rinse it through one more time.


You will notice now the rice is much cleaner/whiter - and is now ready for cooking. So you want to boil the rice - put in a pot, add water - enough to let the water level rise over the rice, put the lid on and set it to high heat, and leave it till it starts boiling (you will know that by the amount of water/steam coming out from the sides of the pot under the lid).




Ok once you bring the rice to a boil - you will need to set the heat down to a low setting and just let it sit, you want the heat down so that it doesn't burn the rice, but you still want to get as much of the water evaporated as possible, so just let it sit like that for a while, keep the lid on.

Now you need to get your solution ready to make your rice tasty. For sushi rice you will need to make a solution of Rice Vinegar, Sugar and salt.

You will need rice vinegar, you can try to use regular vinegar but it will not come out well.


Ok so you will need to get a small sauce pan, and you will need to add the rice vinegar, sugar and salt in it and bring the mixture to a boil and continuously stir it, so that the sugar and salt dissolve in the vinegar. For my particular recipe I am using 1 full cup of rice vinegar and about a half cup of sugar and about 3 table spoons of salt.




Note in the last picture all the sugar/salt has dissolved. This will take a few minutes of heating/stirring.

Ok once that is done, you can (optional) add a piece of Sea weed to your mixture as well for an added flavor to the rice that is really great. I am going to get in to the sea weed stuff later, but if you chose to do this, just put the sea weed in there while the mixture is hot and it will slowly start to semi disolve/shrivel up and just keep it in there till you are ready to use the mixture on the rice.


Ok so now back to the actual rice. It should be done now so once virtually all the water is evaporated you are ready to work with it. What you want to do is empty the rice on to a large tray of some kind, I prefer a metal surface, then you will take the rice out and spread it on there. Its going to be clumpy, thats how you know its good, it will be very sticky as well. Use a wooden spoon or some thing and get the rice on to the tray. You dont want the bottom stuff that is stuck to the pot because its going to be slightly crispy and thats no good for sushi.


Ok so once you spread it out like that - you will want to take your sugar/salt/vinegar solution and pour it over the rice and mix it in to the rice at the same time.


Mix it all well, and the final product will be stick, and if you taste it- it should have a mildly sweet/tangy flavor, its good enough to just eat on its own actually, and it will have a pleasant aroma. To check if the rice is good, you should be able to form it in your hands in to various shapes such as balls, or squares, and then be able to easily make it fall apart.

You have now completed the most integral part- the rice. Now on to the rolls.

First thing first - to make various rolls you will need a rolling mat, you can purchase one of these at any Asian grocery store. They are about 2-3 dollars. There are two types, one that has both sides rounded, and one that has a round side and a flat side, you want the one that has the mixture.


Then what you want to do is wrap your rolling mat in plastic wrap, this is so that the rolls are less likely to stick to it and become more difficult to work with, and also makes it easier for cleaning.


Ok so now you will need to get your Sea Weed wraps - known as Nagiri in Japanese. You can get these wraps at the same places you get your rolling mat, and the darker the sea weed, the higher the quality, so the price range will vary, but you can get good quality wraps - in a pack of about 30 for like 8-9 dollars.


And of course you will need Fish (you can make it with out fish, but - whats the point?). Ok now here it gets a little bit tricky, you need a very good quality knife for making sushi cuts. You must have a sharp knife for this other wise you will not be able to get good cuts, and it will mess up your sushi. The texture of every thing and its thickness has dramatic effects on the way the sushi looks an also tastes. So do your self a huge favor and get good cut wear.

In addition to that you want good fish that is sushi grade. You need to go to a fish market usually - and they will have sushi grade fish. It needs to be either extremely fresh or deep frozen so that it kills all the bacteria, other wise you can risk getting very sick. Sushi cuts are expensive - that is fish cut ready for sushi, it can be sushi grade but not cut. You dont have to get the stuff that is cut specifically for sushi. You can cut the fish your self so long as it meets the sushi grade requirements.



I am using salmon and trout, note I have cut the salmon in to ready to use sushi strips.

Now the actual rolling:


Use a bowl of water to moisten your fingers as you take the rice and spread it on the nigari. In this case i have also sprinkled on some seasem seeds for added flavor. Leave a small gap at the top so that you can seal the wrap, start from the bottom, roll over and cantinue till you get the end, then seal it off. Oh and of course make sure you add your ingredients, fish, cucumbes, avacodo etc at the front end before rolling. Cut every thing in thin strips.



After you roll it should look some thing like this:


Make sure you have a sharp knife and then cut it in to halves:


I had made this for my family for now ruz, NOTE I do not believe in the zorastrian stuff thats involed with it, but my family does it at our house every year so I have to join, i thought it would be nice to cook some thing any way.


^my sushi along with my mothers dish of Dolmah.

This is the sufrah table that they put out for now ruz- again i dont believe in this haft seen stuff, but i thought it looked nice, so i thought i would share.



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I am thinking about cooking chineese food next. May be orange chicken

I know how to make this dish very well.

Just remember not to put the orange to early. Wait until the chicken is cooked well. The juice from the orange has the tendency to caramelized so wait until the chicken is almost done before adding juice on the top of it. Peel fresh orange for maximum flavor.

Your meal looks fantastic.

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Man we in iran cant see any of the "posted images" :( Any help there?

Oh sorry Hussain - I forgot to respond to your post. I made a dummy facebook account for easy/low hassle photo hosting, and linked the images from there. Iran has facebook blocked, if you wanted to see the photos, you would have to use a proxy.

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OMG is this for real? I can't belive my eyes 0__0...

You are definitely a better cook than my mother, and the serial pictures are so incredibly beautiful.

Thanks a lot for this interesting topic I'll for sure try it out when I've enough free time ...

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=o Mufeeeeed! you did it again! it looks quite professional to my untrained eye. I love the Nori and the rice, but i dont think i can eat raw fish :s smoked salmon i can do, but wouldnt that mess up the flavours? do you ever make desserts?

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Real sushi chefs are allot more skilled, its good sushi, but not professionalism, they study/train allot for that. You can try any thing in there actually, smoked salmon - or any thing you want, but with the sea weed im not sure how the good the flavor will be. I never really make desert, although im going to learn to make baklava from my mom - she makes it very well. InshaAllah may be i will make a thread about that.

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=o Mufeeeeed! you did it again! it looks quite professional to my untrained eye. I love the Nori and the rice, but i dont think i can eat raw fish :s smoked salmon i can do, but wouldnt that mess up the flavours?

smoked salmon makes good sushi. You can super freeze the raw fish and then use a bit of diluted vinegar if you dont like the raw taste of it. I prefer smoked fish.

While I like sushi but I am a bigger fan of sashimi, especially shrimp sashimi. You can boil the shrimp in the hot water for a few minutes.



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What a pleasant surprised. I am watching a show on the Science Channel called how do they do it. The have a segment on raw fish made for sushi.

As soon as the fish are catched, they are cleaned and prepared as sushi meat. You can’t prepare the meat yourself.

Sushi has to be frozen first to kill dangerous germs. They use special type of freezer that goes upto (-6 Fahrenheit) which is 70 degree lower that your fridge. This is a commercial process designed to make your meat safe for consumption. After being freezing for couple of days, the fish are then taken out and distributed to the restaurant. The frozen fish meat has a frozen life of three years

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If it is not too much of a trouble, can you please give me the brand of the freezer? I have been looking for a freezer to store more meat.

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How...? You get cooler!?!

Lol that's awesome!

I don't know many men that cook... It's a sad thing really.

That looks amazing. I would attempt it but you're Iraqi and if my dad sees me... >.< you know Iraqis lol actually he took us out to a Chinese restuarant and I had some salmon sushi and only after I told him he realized and freaked out lol :3

Props to you Chef Mufeed :P

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^ You need a babmoo sushi rolling mat. It shall do the magic.

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