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A Guide To Losing Weight!

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Thanks for the article, it will helps others that needs to lose weight like me. I love losing weight naturally because it is better than drinking slimming products. I drink at least 10 glasses of water every day and watch my diet. I use to eat healthy foods now and have a healthy lifestyle.

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Great post OP.


Energy balance will be the major determining factor when it comes to losing weight. Every diet works in helping you lose weight. Most diets fail because they do not result in long term change. It is just as much a psychological issue as it is a physiological one. After dieting, our bodies and minds are really good at getting you back to your previous weight, or even above it.


Eating more protein helps because it results in feeling more full. It also takes more energy (burns more calories) to digest protein. A smart strategy would be to change your eating habits to incorporate more foods that would increase satiety (feeling of fullness), and these are correlated with  protein, fiber, and water content.


These are worth checking out.



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