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Lame poem I wrote when Blissful left the site. I was contemplating whether or not to post it. Decided to post it. Here...

When you're down with us, you're like my sista,

but every time you defect, it's as if I get amnesia

You hang with people with thoughts more outdated than a beepa,

because you don't understand who's shallow and who is deepa

You seem like a sheep without a shepherd,

changing beliefs like a dress

Next thing you know,

You'll be joining "Jews for Jesus"

You need to understand your true place, that's with us,

chillin and illin watching Sayyed flip off without a cuss

This hezbosshaytani crew is like a train, not a bus

We're all on one track, one path, no need to adjust

MAFHJ dropping knowledge and eating men2oush in the kitchen,

where DPRK Guy is cooking up some halal orange chicken

Light of Ali banned, but still in our hearts

Mushu illmatic like the former River Park

The B.H.S. prays nawafil, then reading dua,

and still putting everyone to shame, recruiting with smile da'wah

The millionth hijabi, meanwhile, is in hawzah,

melting in velayat, not wilayah like in Bekaa

Marshal Habib e najjar, leading the Afrika Korps

Contendedself raising a daughter who will strike us more

pepsi is really pleasant when he's speaking in Farsi,

but don't cross the line or he will pull your cord, see

Shia Debater honing his skills and finding the real truth

Ruh.Mujarad's posts are a home run like Babe Ruth

Hameedeh, ummul shiachatters, too akhlaqi to be a goof

Justice4all, our agent to make the other side look like a spoof

And me? Well, I'm the lyrical assassin,

writing these funky lines that yall need like it's a ration

I'm mild like adas polo, and I'm spicy like cajun

I'm so linsane, the New York Post even said I was "Amasian!"

Prayed my salaat quick,

so I have more time to spit,

about this Satanic clique

It's like a movie flick

And you know the director, calling the shots

You follow him, unless of course you're 110 watts

That I know you're not because you hail from Jnoub,

where Agha pictures are your version of youtube

So please stop acting as if you're such a noob,

when in your heart you know they're round and you're a cube

Rejoin shiachart, of course then rejoin our crew

Hezbul-ghaaleb uploads the videos we watch on hulu

These videos put a curse on the enemies like voodoo

So please don't forget all that we've been through,

because we are missing the mod that's orange, not blue

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Damn 112 views but not even one reply!

Hmmm it's possible that people are not longer appreciating your poetry Baradar! Marge!

What say you?

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