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Names Of Martyrs Karbala

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Names of Martyrs who sacrificed their lives at Karbala for the sake of the lofty principles of Islam as mentioned in "Ziyarah al-Nahiyyah"

1. Imam Husayn ibn Ali (Amir al Mu'mineen)

grandson of Prophet Muhammad (s.a)

(killed by Shimr Dhiljaushan) 2. Ali al-Akbar ibn Husayn ibn Ali

(killed by Murrah bin Munqiz bin Noman al Abdi) 3. Abdullah (also known as Ali al-Asghar) ibn Husayn ibn Ali

(killed by Harmala ibn Kahil al Asadi) 4. Abdullah ibn Ali (Amir al Mu'mineen)

(killed by Hani bin Thubaet al Hadhrami) 5. Abul Fadhl al Abbas ibn Ali (Amir al Mu'mineen)

(killed by Yazeed bin Ruqaad al Heeti and Hakeem bin Tufail al Taai) 6. Ja'far ibn Ali (Amir al Mu'mineen)

(killed by Hani bin Thubaet al Hadhrami) 7. Uthman ibn Ali (Amir al Mu'mineen)

(killed by Khooli bin Yazeed al Adhbahi al Ayadi and Abaani al Daarimi) 8. Muhammad ibn Ali (Amir al Mu'mineen)

(killed by Abaani al Daarimi) 9. Abi Bakr ibn al Hassan ibn Ali

(killed by Abdullah bin Aqabah al Ghanavi) 10. Abdullah ibn al Hassan ibn Ali

(killed by Harmala bin Kahil al Asadi) 11. Qasim ibn al Hassan ibn Ali

(killed by Umar bin Sa'd bin Nufail al Azdi) 12. Aun ibn Abdullah ibn Ja'far al Tayyar

(killed by Abdullah bin Kutayya al Nabahani) 13. Muhammad ibn Abdullah ibn Ja'far al Tayyar

(killed by Aamir bin Nahshal al Tameemi) 14. Ja'far ibn Aqeel

(killed by Khalid bin Asad al Johani) 15. Abdullah ibn Muslim ibn Aqeel

(killed by Aamir bin Sa'sa'ah) 16. Abu Abdullah ibn Muslim ibn Aqeel

(killed by Amr bin Sudaih Saedavi) 17. Muhammad ibn Abu Saeed ibn Aqeel

(killed by Laqeet bin Naashir al Johani) 18. Sulaiman, slave of Imam Husayn

(killed by Sulaiman bin Auf Hadhrami) 19. Qaarib, slave of Imam Husayn 20. Munjeh, slave of Imam Husayn 21. Muslim ibn Ausajah al Asadi

(killed by Abdullah al Dhubabi and Abdullah Khashkara al Bajali) 22. Saeed ibn Abdullah al Hanafi 23. Bishr ibn Amr al Khadhrami 24. Yazeed ibn al Haseen

(reciter of Qur'an) 25. Imran ibn al Kalb al Ansari 26. Na'eem ibn al Ajlan al Ansari 27. Zuhair ibn al Qain al Bajali 28. Amr ibn Qurzah al Ansari 29. Habeeb ibn Madhahir al Asadi 30. Hurr ibn Yazeed al Reyahi 31. Abdullah ibn al Umair al Kalbi 32. Nafe ibn al Hilal al Jamali al-Muradi 33. Anas ibn Kahil ibn al Harth al Asadi 34. Qais ibn al Mussahar al Saedawi 35. Abdullah ibn Urwah ibn al Harraaq al Ghifaaree 36. Abdul Rahman ibn Urwah ibn al Harraaq al-Ghifaaree 37. Shabeeb ibn Abdullah Nahshali 38. Jaun, slave of Abu Dharr al-Ghifaree 39. Hujjaj ibn Zaid Sa'di 40. Qasit ibn Zuhair al-Tha'labee 41. Kursh (Muqsit) ibn Zuhair al-Thalabee 42. Kinaanah ibn Ateeq 43. Dhargham ibn Maalik 44. Jowain ibn Maalik al-Dhabaai 45. Zaid ibn Thubait al-Qaesi 46. Abdullah ibn Zaid ibn Thubait al-Qaesi 47. Ubaidullah ibn Zaid ibn Thubait al-Qaesi 48. Amir ibn Muslim 49. Qa'nab ibn Amr al-Namari 50. Salim, slave of Amir ibn Muslim 51. Saif ibn Malik 52. Zuhair ibn Bashi al-Khath'ami 53. Zaid ibn Me'qal al-Jo'afi 54. Hujjaj ibn Masrooq al-Jo'afi 55. Mas'ood ibn Hajjaj 56. Son (name not known) of Mas'ood ibn Hajjaj 57. Majma' ibn Abdullah al-Aezi 58. Ammar ibn Hassan ibn Shuraib al-Taai 59. Hayyan ibn Haarith al-Salmaani al-Azdi 60. Jundab ibn Hujair al-Khanlani 61. Umar ibn Khalid al-Saedaawi 62. Saeed, slave of Umar ibn Khalid 63. Yazid ibn Ziad ibn Mazahi al-Kindi 64. Zaahir, slave of Amir ibn Humuq al-Khuzaa'ee 65. Jabalah ibn Ali al-Shaybani 66. Saalim, slave of Bani Medinat al-Kalbi 67. Aslam ibn Khateer al-Azdi 68. Zuhair ibn Sulaim al-Azdi 69. Qasim ibn Habeeb al-Azdi 70. Umar ibn al-Ohdooth al-Hadhrami 71. Abu Thamaamah, Umar ibn Abdullah al-Saaedi 72. Hanzalah ibn As'ad al-Shaami 73. Abdul-Rahman ibn Abdullah al-Arhabi 74. Ammaar ibn Abu Salaamah al-Hamdaami 75. Aabis ibn Shabeeb al-Shaakiree 76. Shaozab, slave of Shaaki 77. Shabeeb ibn Haarith ibn Saree 78. Maalik ibn Abdullah ibn Saree 79. Sawwar ibn Abi Uman al-Nohami al-Hamdani* 80. Amar ibn Abdullah al-Junda'i**

Wounded Martyr who was captured and died in prison.

Pierced together with Martyr No. 79.

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Salam brother, may Allah(swt) reward you for this list.

But i think we should add other heros that aren't mentioned much like 'Uthamn bin 'Ali (ra)?

Or how Abu Bakr bin 'Ali (ra)?

Shaykh al-Mufeed says that they died in Karbala with their brother Imam Husayn(as) but how come we never mention these great heros (ra)??


Why are we so political and sectarian that we don't even mention certain sons of Imam Ali (as) just because they have the names Abu Bakr, 'Umar, and 'Uthman, even if they sacrificed their lives for Islam in Karbala?

He mentioned them and we don't ignore them they are in our books. Umar r.a was named after Umar bn Um Salama r.a .. Othman was named after Othman ibn Mathoon r.a and there was no Abu Bakr. His name was Muhammad and his nickname sunnis gave him is abu bakr

Uthman ibn Ali (Amir al Mu'mineen)

Muhammad ibn Ali (Amir al Mu'mineen)

Edited by Shi3i

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