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Ref For The Martydom Of H. Mohsin B. Ali - Part 2

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Mentioning The Miscarriage And The Reason For It

11. In a supplication by Imam al-Rida (A.S.) during the thanksgiving prostration (sajdat al-shukr), he says, “... and they both [Abu Bakr and `Omer ibn al-Khattab] killed the son of your Prophet,”12

12. Ibn Sa`d al-Jaza’iri has said, “... And they beat Fatima (A.S.), so she miscarried a fetus.”13

13. Al-Fattani al-`amili has said, “... According to narratives told by Ahl al-Bayt (A.S.), `Omer pushed the door in order to enter by force, and Fatima (A.S.) was behind the door. The door hit her stomach, so she miscarried her fetus named al-Muhassan.”14

14. Al-Khawajoo’i al-Mazandarani has said, “... And they hit Fatima (A.S.), so she miscarried her fetus.”<a href="" name="_ftnref15">15

15. He also said, “What was the shortcoming of Fatima (A.S.), the Purified one, and for what did she deserve to be beaten till she miscarried her fetus?”16

16. He also said, “... And they broke her rib and caused her to miscarry her son.”17

17. Shaikh Yousuf al-Bahrani has said, “... and their beating al-Zahra’ (A.S.) till she miscarried her fetus.”18

18. Sayyid Muhammed Qulli Al-Musawi has detailed this incident, so refer to him.19

19. The great religious authority, Sayyid 20Muhammed Mehdi al-Qazwini, has said, “... And when she opened the door, they pushed it on her, breaking her rib and causing her to miscarry her fetus, al-Muhassan.”

20. Sayyid al-Khunsari, discussing al-Zahra’ (A.S.), has said, “... And who caused her to miscarry her fetus, and who made her loudly wail..., etc.?”21

21. Shaikh al-Tusi has said, “What is well known and regarding which there is no contention among the Shi`as is that `Omer hit Fatima (A.S.) on her stomach till she miscarried Muhassan, and the incident in this regard is quite famous among them.”22

22. `Abd al-Jalal al-Qazwini has said, “`Omer beat the stomach of Fatima (A.S.), killing her fetus whom the Messenger of Allah (A.S.) had named Muhassan.”23

23. Al-Fadil al-Miqdad has said, “`He dispatched Omer to her who beat her on the stomach, causing her to miscarry Muhassan.”24

24. Al-Bayadi has said, “It is well known among the Shi`as that he (`Omer) squeezed Fatima (A.S.) with the door, causing her to miscarry Muhassan.”25

This is an article taken from the book -


By: Ayatullah `Allama Sayyid Ja’far Murtada al-`Amili

Translated from the Arabic By: Yasin T. al-Jibouri

Published By: Imam Hussain Foundation

Read This Book Online

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19Sayyid Muhammed Qulli Al-Musawi, Tashyeed al-Mata`in, Vol. 1 where he has written scores of pages detailing this incident.

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25A Debate Between al-Gharawi and al-Harawi (published in 1397 A.H.), pp. 47-48

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