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habib e najjaar

Light Upon Light

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When you (atf) were born,

It was as if the sun rose again,

after a dark dark night.

When the oppressed had raised their hands to the sky

In devoted supplication

their voices trembling with emotion

their teary eyes witnessing the atrocities and oppression

generation after generation

and they called out to the slumbering souls

dead and deaf, not noticing, not responding...

Then you were born,

and it was said:

Say! Truth has come and falsehood has been vanquished!

and the dawn made its line on the darkened horizon

growing wider, rising higher

and the hopes rose with it

higher and higher...

here was the avenger of al 'Husayn,

the one who would avenge against those who tore the veils,

and set fire to the hearts of the believers.

Here was the water from the well,

into which the sorrows of his grandfather were silently shed,

that watered the flower of Narjis and Zahraa عليه السلام.

Then the darkened days fell upon us again,

and we were deprived of your presence,

and the sun hid its rays behind the clouds,

warming the hearts, which wilted at the separation,

casting your rays on humanity, sustaining the life of Islam.

The shadows cast by the clouds keeping the sun away

weighed upon, and darkened the days,

yet the lovers walked around in anticipation

in waiting, in hope

of the coming of dawn, the return of the awaited one.

And they remembered how each sin,

strikes him like an arrow,

thus they abstained.

And they felt his sorrow, and his tears,

for his followers, who locked him away by their deeds.

And they recalled how he witnesses their lives,

and they reformed.

And they hoped to join the ranks of his army,

thus they prepare.

Another Friday went by without your return,

then another, and another,

and the hopeful hearts broke again,

each time,

as they renewed their pledge of allegiance

and the tears streamed down, drowning their sorrow

and invigorating them with hope

inspiring them to serve humanity,

and serve their Lord,

and they said with new energy:

Hasten! Hasten O our Master, the Master of the era!

Though the days are dark, and the night is long,

The promise of your return keeps us going,

For you are he,

The awaited promise of truth,

The reviver of Islaam,

Light from radiant Light,

Light upon Light,

The spring and dawn of the believers.

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Though the days are dark, and the night is long,

The promise of your return keeps us going,

For you are he,

The awaited promise of truth,

The reviver of Islaam,

Light from radiant Light,

Light upon Light,

The spring and dawn of the believers.

Love these lines mashAllah...beautiful...wub.gif

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