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Dua 'naad-e-ali' Kabeer

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Assalam brothers and sisters in Islam,

I recently came across a Dua, named Naad-E-Ali in a small book of dua. I was astonished to read all the benefits of this Dua. Subhan Allah. I was eager to learn more and set out on Google and youtube. Got loads of information but at the same i am now confused completely. Many sites gives a short version of the Dua Naad-E-Ali whereas few sites i came across gives a long version (example in here, i came to know the long version). The one i have got bears the short dua.

Example of the short version --> http://smma59.wordpress.com/2008/10/30/naad-e-ali/

Example (1) of the Long version -->

Example (2) of the Long version --> http://www.duas.org/Misc/nade_ali_kabeer.htm

My first question, which is the correct one ? why is there a long and a short version ? Will it make any difference to the benefits gained if i learn the short version by heart to be read 77 times for ?

I feel so much attracted to this dua that i want to get the long version and learn it by heart. But the resolution i have obtained so far is very low. Can someone please help me to get me a high resolution of the dua in simple Arabic form (not the caligraphy type). The one that is posted here (above example (1) is green colour with a low res and is not appropriate for me. Example 2 seems ok but the graphic is very low res. When i try to enlarge it, the characters becomes blured.

With the high res version i am going to make a banner of this dua so that it fits to a 6 A3 papers sticked together side by side and put it in my room to be able to read/know it by heart asap.

What a wonderful Dua it is.. ..i am so happy i read this small book.

I will wait eagerly for your reply,

Thank you very much for your help.



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