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I'm in Birmingham right now and I wanted to check my prayer times. I went to http://praytime.info/ first and then to the website of the local Khoja jamaat: http://www.ksmnet.org/ which displays daily prayer times. I found significant differences, particularly in beginning of Fajr and Maghrib. How can it be? Do we have different methods of calculating prayer times in Shia fiqh that result in such differences? Or does one of these sites simply have it wrong?

Below is a comparison of the times on both websites for today:

praytime.info Fajr: 01:08 Khoja Jamaat Fajr: 2:40

praytime.info Sunrise 4:45 Khoja Jamaat Sunrise: 4:44

praytime.info Dhuhr: 13:08 Khoja Jamaat Dhuhr: 13:13

praytime.info Sunset: 21:31 Khoja jamaat doesnt give Sunset time

praytime.info Maghrib: 22:00 Khoja Jamaat Maghrib: 21:41

Khoja Jamaat doesnt give Asr and Isha times to compare with praytime.info

I just checked the Sunni site islamicfinder.org and the Sunni times for Birmingham today are as follows:

Fajr: 2:31

Sunrise: 4:44

Dhuhr: 1:08

Asr: 5:33

Maghrib: 9:31

Isha: 11:32

So Sunni Fajr time is close to Fajr on the Khoja website, Sunni Dhuhr is identical to praytime.info, Sunni Asr is identical to praytime.info, Sunni Maghrib is understandably identical to Sunset on praytime.info and Sunni Isha is over and hour and a half before Isha on praytime.info

I don't get it.

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Yes, I'm going to follow the Khoja one during my stay here but my practical problem aside, I'm just really interested in what can be the reason for those differences, do we have different calculation methods that are all acceptable within Shia fiqh?

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Strange, it's pretty opposite for me in the States. I live in the east coast and I praytime.info gives me more accurate timings than our local website yahusain.com which seems wayy off. Maybe it's just a glitch?

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