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Halal Food Authority (hfa)

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salaam alaykum

Anyone know if the halal food authority (HFA) - the one with the green logo, are legit - as it should be - halal authority? I've read their document on how they authorise a zabih as halal and they're saying something like the bird can be stunned as long as it's not dead, that you can have mechanical slughtering as long as bismillah is recited on every animal......Can someone read it and explain to me if it seems like an authority we can trust based on their slaughtering criteria? I have to admit, it sounds wrong to me :unsure:


their slaughtering guidelines: http://www.halalfoodauthority.co.uk/HFA%20Brief%20Guidlines%20for%20slaughtering.pdf


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I'm not sure about HFA, but I personally have found HMC (http://www.halalmc.co.uk/) to be trusted, and we buy out meat from butchers with a HMC certificate.

When you hear stats like: There's 3 times more "halal meat" on the market than the actual halal meat that comes out from the abattoir!

It's really scary, so it's good to enquire and only buy when we're sure.

May Allah help us!


I've also heard about this: http://www.organic-halal-meat.com/index.php

Its a muslim guy who's opened his own farm in the south of england and sells meat, but quite expensive.

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From Ayatollah Sistani:

Question: Meat companies slaughter a large number of chickens at one time [that is, simultaneously]. Now if the person running the slaughtering machine is a Muslim, who says takbir and says the name of Allah only once at the time of slaughtering all the chicken [simultaneously], is it permissible for us to eat those chickens? If we have doubt about these chickens being halal, can we [ignore that doubt and] eat them and consider them pure (tahir)?

Answer: If he repeats the name of Allah as long as the machine is continuing to slaughter, it is sufficient. In the event of doubt about its being halal (a doubt which arises concerning the mentioning of the name of Allah), it can be considered pure and be consumed.


Also found this:

Ayatollah Sistani, arguably the most prominent living Shi'i scholar, has ruled that stunning is permissible.

Question: "If Chicken is stunned with an electric charge before they are slaughtered, are they still halal? Is this accepted as halal slaughter?"

Answer from Najaf.org: "As long as the chicken is alive when it get slaughtered according to the islamic laws so it moves after slaughtering even its eye, then it is halal."


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yes the HMC do seem to be more stringent and it appears that they are more trustworthy, but having said that after reading Syed Sistani's rulings above, the criteria used by HFA does seem acceptable in that they say that animlas MUST be alive at the time of slaughter and the shahadah must be reicted on each animal even where they are mechanically slaughtered.

I'd really appreciate it if someone actually read the document provided by the HFA and points out any problems with their criteria.

As for the orgamic halal meat......I really wish that was widespread. Muslims need to get farming!

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