(bismillah) A friend of mine send me this link and told me to propagate it to the youth of SC. So it is my shar'i duty to do so. It is in fact from a while ago. It's from a couple months ago when Mesbah visited Lebanon and gave a speech to a gathering of clerical students. Here are some assorted quotes from the speech (which were quoted in the article): "After loving the Infallible Aimmah (A) and Emam Khomeini, affection toward Emam Seyyed Ali Khamenei and Wali ullah and companion of the Imam of the Age (A), Mr. Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, are the greatest manifestations of divine love." "Even if today, on the surface, the resources necessary for superiority are in the hands of the enemies of Islam, and the Muslims have succumbed to factionalism and disunity, it must be proudly announced that never have the Shia ever had so much honor and power in history as they have in the present era." "One of the reasons for this blessing (of the Shia being so strong), was the purity of Emam Khomeini ® and his denial of all selfish inclinations, which caused his revolution to become far-reaching and global, and a force on the world stage." "The triumph of Hezbollah in the 33 days war, was in no way possible in material terms. And this is not merely my opinion; Hujjatul Islam Wal Muslimeen Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah is of the same belief." "What is especially worthy of note with respect to the invisible (divine) assistance in the 33 days war is the comparison between it and the Sacred Defence of Iran (i.e. the Iran-Iraq War). Iran, from the perspective of military and human resources, is among the bigger and more prominent countries in the region, whereas Lebanon is a small country made up of many different peoples and confessions. In the 33 days war, out of these groups, it was only the Shias who rose up to fight the enemy. And, as opposed to the triumph of Iran in the eight-year defence, Hezbollah took a very short time -- 33 days -- to hand defeat to the Zionist Army -- which was armed to the teeth -- and its supporters." "The special traits of Emam Khomeini are such that it is practically impossible to find someone his equal." "If any one of you ever visit pay a visit to Mr. Hujjatul Islam Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, I request from you that you kiss his hand and feet on my behalf." Ya Ali