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This was shown on prime time news on TV3 last year (some time after the raid on Hawzah Ar-Ridha in Gombak. Look at the 'fitnah' made by the so-called religious experts. They are not randomly selected.



The footage from 1min 17sec is from Iran or Lebanon?


Basically, in the presence of authentic footage such as this, you cant really argue with the law of majority in a country like Malaysia and Indonesia and we should learn to respect those laws as we do in the Western countries. I mean, I would like to see the (shia) Mosques in USA, UK, Europe etc. put a banner saying


9-11 is an Inside Job


9-11 is a joint Mossad/CIA RACIST operation against Islam and Muslims


9-11 is a False-Flag by Yank Bustards themselves


but you cant. BUT, this kind of testimony to the TRUTH is DEMANDED by our religion. I dont even know the Shias who would put an arm-band saying this or even put it outside their house in the west.


In the era of Omayyad, lots of Tuhmat's and Fabrications were made on our Imams.


To me, it appears all as a double standard to gain ground at the expense of the sunni states that are NOT Wahhabi such as Pakistan, Malaysia and Indonesia. It appears to me the same kind of sacrifice of our national interest for Iran, which the Iranians wont do for us and we have to simply act according to the principle of reciprocity.


I have done extensive field research and found that the (religious) Iranians would not treat the Pakistanis in the same way as they treat their Iranians and I dont expect it either, which means that we place the Pakistani interest first, the interest and Unity of Ummah second and the interest of Iran third, which is what Iran does de Facto. If the foreign powers find a mutual bickering on Malaysia, and Indonesia, they will find an excuse to destabilize another muslim country.


The EXPERIENCE of Afghanistan and 9-11 falseflag based opening from Iran-Pakistan bickering is very FRESH and EXISTING in the PRESENT.

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Lagi update.


Memang mereka menghina kita. Kedua-dua yang ditahan telah bermalam di dalam lokap.


Sangat kasihan, ramadan pulak tu. Lebih kasihan lagi anak-anak mereka.


Doa saya: Semoga Allah memberi keselamatan dan kebaikan kepada semua orang yang terinaya dan semoga balasan kepada penzalim adalah pantas dan menyelesaikan.



Salam Sdr NHGhauth,

Alhamdulillah Dr Nur Azah dan Ridhuan selamat keluar ptg semalam setelah diikat jamin.

Yang geramnya Sdr Ridhuan terpaksa tunggu lama sikit utk keluar sebab JAIP nak wartawan dari Sinar, Astro Awani dll sampai baru dibenarkan keluar. Beliau digari ketika itu. (sumber dari suami Dr Nur Azah).


Peperangan media ini belum habis walaupun dah hampir penghujung Ramadan.


Apa2 hal... wamakaru wamakarallah, wallahu khairal makirin.


Semoga Allah menerima segala amalan kita di bulan mulia ini. Maaf Zahir dan batin kpd semua pencinta AB.



Grave Concern Over Arrest Of Shia Followers in Malaysia


5th August 2013



We at AsSajjad Movement condemn the arrest of two Shia followers on August 5, 2013 by the Perak Islamic Religious Department. One of them is a woman who is a homeopathic practitioner. Her clinic in Taiping, Perak was raided by eight officers from the Perak Religious Council (JAIP) in which they seized various prayer books in her possession and then arrested her. She was then taken to a lock up facility in Pekan Baru, Perak.



In the same locality, another Shia adherent, Mr Mohd Ridhuan Yusuf (51 years old) was also arrested and taken to the Ipoh Police Headquarters. It is reported by witnesses that the officers from JAIP initially were to launch an ambush at the local Shiite Hauzah which is a [Edited Out]te community centre. However after discovering that the premise was locked, they then headed to Ridhuan’s house nearby. The officers barged into his house and seized his collections of books.



The detentions are clearly intolerable acts especially since Ms Azah (in the 40’s) is the mother of a 3 year old toddler in need of care. Furthermore with the fasting season coming to an end and with the Islamic festival of Eid around the corner, the timing of such an act by the authorities is highly questionable. The victims’ families are left to grapple with this arrest and related matters such as finding lawyers and raising the legal fees which is more difficult due to the festive season. Ethical and professional discretion by JAIP officers should have been the least among the many factors that should have been considered before engaging in such disgraceful conduct. They are suspected to be charge under Section 16 Sharia Criminal Law 1992 for defying Perak state’s fatwa on banning Shi’ism. If found guilty both will be fine RM3,000 and imprison for two years.



This incident is a result of the continuous harassments by the authorities and public targeted towards the Shia community in Malaysia due to their religious believes. Over the past few months and even more so during this holy month of Ramadhan, the government, media and right wing Islamic organizations have intensified the demonization of Shias in Malaysia thus sowing the seeds of hatred and discrimination. This is indeed a violation of the Freedom of Religion of the Shia community in Malaysia. Freedom of Religion is enshrined in Article 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) which was adopted by the UN General Assembly in 1948 and applies to all UN members including Malaysia.  Malaysia also signed Islamabad Declaration 2007 (OIC) recognizing Shia sect and its followers as part of ummah. In addition Malaysia adopted ASEAN Declaration on Human Rights 2012; article 22 clearly emphasized freedom of religion. It says there: Every person has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion. All forms of intolerance, discrimination and incitement of hatred based on religion and beliefs shall be eliminated. Even the constitution of  Malaysia clearly guarantees freedom of religion under Article 11.  AsSajjad Movement hopes that the government of Malaysia, in particularly the Prime Minister’s Office intervenes immediately to make sure no harm is done to the victims. This includes ensuring their protection during detention and a guarantee of a just due process of the law. We also call for other civil society organizations upholding social justice to stand together with us in solidarity in voicing out against this violation of human rights.





Aug 5th 2013

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