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Distance Between Earth And Sun?

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I read this, I wonder if anyone can confirm it is true? JazakAllah

It is related that Ali asked an Egyptian astrologer, called Sarsafil, "Tell me what is the relation of venus to the satellites (tawabi) and fixed stars (jawami)?" Sarsafil could not return answer for he knew only Greek astronomy. The Arabic word for satellites is tawabi means "followers", and truly a satellite is a follower of the planet round which it revolves. Similarly, the word for fixed stars is jawamimeans "gatherers" and truly a sun, or fixed star keeps all the planets revolving round it gathered together. How accurate were the terminologies of Ali?

Once a person asked Ali, "What is the distance between earth and the sun?" Ali said, "Suppose a horse runs day and night without any break from earth to sun, it would take 500 years to reach the sun." While making its calculation, it should be known that the speed of an Arabian horse is normally 22 miles per hour. The horse thus would cross 95,040,000 miles in 500 years, indicating a distance between earth and the sun. It must be remembered that the same distance between the earth and sun was commonly accepted in Europe during Renaissance. The western scientists expounded the same distance during 18th century under another notion, that if a jet plane flies from earth at the speed of 10,000 miles per hour, it would reach the sun in 11 years. This method also indicates the distance of 95,040,000 miles, vide "The Book of Knowledge" (ed. by E.V. McLoughlin, New York, 1910). The modern science however shows that when the earth is closest to the sun in the early January, the distance from earth becomes 91,400,000 miles, and when the earth is farthest in early July, the distance becomes 95,040,000 miles. It is therefore safe to conclude that the person would have asked the above question to Ali most possibly in the month of early July.


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The mathematical length between Connective and the Sun varies with its place in its circulate, which is oval. The calculate interval (the stingy length) between the Connection and the Sun is most 150 meg kilometers (93 meg miles).

The number interval from the Earth to the Sun is also titled 1 large organisation (or AU). This is implanted as 149, 597, 870.7 kilometers (92,955,887.6 miles).

* Aphelion (when the Globe is the utmost from the Sun) occurs around the basic week of July. The length is active 152 million km (94.4 cardinal miles).

* Perihelion (when the Stuff is closest to the Sun) occurs in the primary week of January. The size is about 147 meg km (91.3 million miles).

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