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Aale Mohammad

Inside Prophet(s)'s Grave

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Salam Alaikum Dear Friend I have been more than once and Allah Has given me the chancetogo there many times as per my view and the way i have seen that holy place i hace been very close to the golden sealed gates under that there is a wall likecreated with green and red cloth and inside it cannot see any thing and i have tried even to take pictures by zoomings too but notting can be seen better its been covered and no 1 can see it as we c these days people selling plastic kabahs door and its been hung in there houses and kept as a sign of barakah but same time there r many wong things also happining and it could be a greater sin so better v cannot see inside the golden sealed welded gates of masjid Al Nabwi  this is my answewr broo and i have seen it veru closely no door can be opened its welded if there is any mistake please forgive thinking its a mistake from a muslim brother may Allah forgive me and all ther peoplein this worls ameen 

salam alaikum

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