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Noha Write Up

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Can someone help me with the write up of this noha.

'Ya Aba Abdillah' Ali Safdar's Noha from Daste Imamia - 2000


wo waqt kabhi to ayega zehra(A) ki dua k saye main

mehdi(a) ka alam lehraye ga - wo waqt kabhi to ayega

tarikh k chehray per jitnay - parday hain utha daingay ik din

matam ki sada e peham say - duniya ko jaga daingay ik din

hay khamnayee® rehmer apna - uncha hi rahay ga sar apna

AP SAY WADA HAY YE khoon e shaheedan ki qasam

raiga janay na daingay maqsad e qurbani hum

sar nigon honay na daingay parcham e abbas ko

ik azakhana banadaingay dil e hassas ko

ta zahoor e mehdi e doran khud apnay khoon say

hum bujhain gay zaminay karbala ki piyas ko

misl aqaye madina(S) har sitam sehtay huay

deen ko phlaingay had e sharha main rehtay huay

kufr ka sar katnay ko sabr ki talwar say

janib e maqtal barhaingay YA ALI kehtay huay

jab bhi uthay ga kahin batil ki bayet ka sawal

ahl e haq kardaingay batil k liyen jina muhal

yaad rakhay ga zamana jisko roz e hashr tak

karbala e fikr ki qayam karaingay wo misal

yad hay wo roz e ashura shah e din ka khitab

wo sawal e aab wo qatil ko asghar ka jawab

bhool sakti hi nahi ahlay haram ki bebasi

ek ek zulm o sitam ka laingay gin gin k hisaab

qutelal hussain o bekarbala - zebehal hussain o bekarbala

haye sehra e karbala main hussain piyasay zibah huay

haye sehra e kabala main hussain piyasay shaheed husay

goonjtay hain aj bhi maqtal main ik bibi k bain

kistarhan ayega merey laal tujh bin maan ko chain

khoon rulaye gi mujhay ta hashr teri bekasi

ay meri aghosh k palay merey piyasay hussain

nok e neza per junhi dekha sar e shah e anaam

syed e sajjad k honton pay aya ye kalam

assalam ay kushta e tegh e jafa mola hussain

assalam ay tishna lab shah e shaheedan assalam

haye wo sham e ghariban wo hujum e bekasi

lut rahay thay jal rahay thay khema e al e naibi(S)

karbala k dasht main tha ek mehshar sa bapa

har taraf thi wa hussaina ki sada goonji hui

uth raha tha jab khayam e al e athar say dhwuan

ek bachi thi akeli janib e maqtal rawan

nagahan ik sar buridah lash say ayee sada

ay sakina aa mere sinay pe soja meri jan

parcham e abbas k saye main hum ahlay aza

ta qayamat kam na honay daingay toqir e bapa

Q na dekhain mot ki ankhon main ankhain daal kar

apna wirsa hay shahdat apni manzil karbala

ap say wada hay ye khoonay shaheedan ki qasam

raigan janay na daingay maqsad e qurbani hum

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