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Syed Demanding

Salaam E Aakhir

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Salam qaak nasheenoun pah soghwaroun ka Ghareeb detey hain pursa tumhare

pyaroun ka

Salam un pah jinhe sharm khaye jaati hae Khule saroun pah aseeri ki qaak aati hae

Salam us pah joh zehmat kashe salasil hae Museebatoun mein imaamat ki pehli manzil hae

Salam bhejtey hain apni shahzadi par Ke jisko soump gaye marte waqt ghar S...arwar

Musafirat ne jise bebasi yeh dikhlaayi Nisaar kar diye bachhe na bach saka bhayi

Aseer hoke jise shaamiyoun ke narghe mein Hussainiyat hae sikhana Ali ke lehje mein

Sakina bibi tumhare ghulam haazir hain Bujhe joh pyaas toh ashkoun ke jaam haazir hain

Pahaad raat badi der hae saverey mein Kahan ho shaame ghareeban ke ghup andheray mein

Zameene garm yateemi ki saqtiyaan bibi Woh seena jis pah ke so-ti thi ab kahan bibi

Yeh sin yeh hashr yeh sadmay naye naye bibi Kahan pa baithi ho qaime toh jal gaye bibi

Janab maadarey besheer ko bhi sab ka salaamAjeeb waqt hae kya dein tassaliyoun ka payaam

Abhi kaleje mein ek aag si lagi hogi Abhi toh goadh ki garmi na kam huvi hogi

Na is tarah koi kheti hari bhari ujdey Tumhari maang bhi ujdi hae goadh bhi ujdi

Nahin andheray mein kuch soojhta kahaan dhoondein Tumhara chand kahan chup gaya kahan dhoondein

Nahin layeenoun mein insaan koyi Quda hafiz Darinde aur yeh bewaarisi Quda hafiz

Salam turn pah shaheedon ke bekafan laasho Salam turn pah rasool-o-Batool ke pyaaro

Bachein toh aglay baras hum hain aur yeh gham phir hae Jo chal basein toh yeh apna salaame aaqir hae

Salam e Akhir written By Aal’e Raza Marhoom.

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