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Shia/Sunni Dialogue Rules

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Certain topics are not allowed on this board (unless approved by a Moderator/Admin) since both Shias and Sunnis agree on the fundamental principle of those topics/concepts.

They include:

1) The Oneness of Allah

2) The Prophethood of our Master Muhammad

3) The completeness of the Holy Quran

4) The importance of Civil and secular unity

Following topics are not allowed to be discussed:

1) Claiming that Ibn Saba is the founder of Shiism

2) Praising Muawiya and his son

3) Praising Ibn Taimya

Following actions may lead to warning or a possible ban:

1) Not recognizing and respecting each other as Muslims

2) Bumping dead threads

3) Cutting and pasting from other sites or articles - We want original input

4) Slandering or attacking against the first three Caliphs and the Mothers of the believers


In Accordance With Shiachat Policy, Banned Members Are Not Allowed To Come Back With Alternate Id'S In An Effort To Circumvent The Ban. As A Result Of Such Action All Posts Under Such Id'S Will Be Deleted Without Exception, As An Effort To Discourage Such Behaviour. No Amount Of Complaining, Or Asking For Posts To Be Excepted, Will Be Heeded, Because It'S Not A Matter Of Whether The Post Is Acceptable, But Rather That The Poster Is Breaking Rules Just By Being Here

Please also note:

Cursing of the 3 "Caliphs" (Abu Bakr, Umar and Uthman by name or number) and of any of the Holy Prophet's (pbuh) wives, as well as Sunni scholars is strictly prohibited. This involves cursing by name, swear words and defamatory language. The Moderator/Admin team also reserves the right to edit/delete or not approve posts or ban members in accordance with the application of these rules. This is the only way to keep peace between the 2 parties and allow constructive discussions. In response to the bold offering of praise to the enemies of Islam and the Ahlulbayt, Muawiyah and Yazeed, by some members on this board, the ShiaChat team have decided to warn (or ban if warnings are exhausted) any member who offers such open praise to these killers of the Ahlulbayt and the pious Companions.

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    • Seal of the Prophets, Prophet Muhammad al Mustafa, (peace be upon him and his pure progeny) the best of the creation, the best example to follow for you, the one who has more right on you then you yourself. Is off limits to your conversations? its a deal breaker. So, who's Sunnah are you using/ discussing/ following as a role model in formulating your plans for the Caliphate?  It seems like its a political meeting, for political power struggle.     
    • I wonder if it is enough for a person to believe in Islam until they die to be eternally in heaven eventually? I mean maybe a person would not believe if they were subject to torture but since they are not subject to torture they believe. For example a Muslim maybe never experience much hardships with being a believer and he/she believes but if he/she were put under much hardship they would disbelieve. Must a Muslim believe no matter what or can they just rely on that if they believed in this life then they will someday enter heaven? 
    • Guest Boy
      I m 28yrs old .I started praying since last year. I was not knowing the importance of praying.My parents never told me to pray .They were only after my studies.I was busy in my life not knowing the real purpose if life  . I new nothing about what are the duties of muslim. Then Allah guided me at the age of 27 and i started going to masjid . Now i regret why was i so far away from my deen for so many years.Some questions kill me everyday ..Why didnt allahs guidance came early .? .I have to make up for so many prayers.i have asked Allah for forgiveness .Why i hav to still make up?. Is it too late age to get guided ?  Like i have done nothing no namaz no roza ..when my parents never told me about deen how am i responsible ? Now i ask Allah for forgiveness why i still have to make up for qada ?? If i make niyat of making qada after some years is it ok  or i hav to start praying qada ??When were u ppl guided to do these things ? I am feeling very bad..Whatever we learn from childhood imprints in heart ..i have learnt nothing..share ur views please
    • This is not possible because this is a breach of the basis of unity. When its decided that we are not going to discuss about our beliefs. Scholars can sit together and discuss all this but this can't be done in a public scenario.
    • Quran has not talked about the punishment of Apostaty in this world. But we have Sahih hadeeths from Imams. Quran doesn't tell everything explicitly.  When Imam Ali said that "all secrets and knowledge is condensed in Quran" then it means we can't access it but they can. So its better to be satisfied with the hadeetha and Marajes have done a lot of study to accept these hadeeth and Law. And you're not being killed for your belief but your action. Flee to any other Non Muslim country and you're free but if you harm Muslim society by your Apostasy then you are ought to be killed as you are a corrupter.