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Salam to all momineen! i'm looking for kalam " chauda sadyan beet gaen Shabbir ka charcha baqi hae" in form of lyrics or if any one knows it's link at youyube or any ]shia site plz paste .dua go

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Shabbir Ka Charcha Baqi Hai

14 sadiyan beet gayin Shabbir ka charcha baqi hai

Quran ab tak bol raha hai khana Kaaba baqi hai

Karbobala ka paak e sahara, gumbad e khizra baqi hai

Saray janday toot chukay hain, sabz pharaira baqi hia

14 sadiyan..

In choda sadiyan kay ander, choda so tufaan uthay

Umawi harkaarain dorain hain, Abbasi sultan uthay

Laakhon hobul seenon main chupaai, haathon par Quran uthay

Jin ki bunyadon main laho tha, qasr woh aali shaan uthay

Sab dewaarain bhait gayin, mazloom ka roza baqi hai

Tegh o tabr nay rastaa roka, fojon ki yalghaar howi

Laal o gohar nay daam lagaai, sikon ki jhankaar howi

Lambi qabaaon walay uthay, fatwon ki bharmaar howi

Deedai ibrat tu hi bata, ye jeet howi ya haar howi

Sajday main sar kaat liya, tha lekin sajda baqi hai

Kya janay kin kin qomon nay, derai dalay darya par

Aai aa kar lot gaai, sab goray kalay darya par

Ab bhi milaingay tootay huwe, kuch khunjar bhalay darya par

Qabza karnay aai thay sab taqat walay darya par

Sab ka qabza khatm howa, Abbas ka qabza baqi hai

Pyaason k inkaar ka khanjar, gardan par kuch aisa chala

Lakhon fitnay uthay laikin, phir sar bayat uth na saka

Jab bhi kisi k dil main tammana, bayat ki uth ti hai zara

To kehta hai Abbas ka parcham, fikr e yazeedi hosh main aa

Jis nay tujhay mara tha tamacha ab bhi wo panja baqi hai

Deen e Nabi ki khoon ki hararat seen a e alam ki dharkan

Aarzoo e Zehra o Payambar jaan e Ali o rooh e Hasan

Bhaita huwa hai parday main talwar liyay ek qalla shikan

Takat par itrana kaisa deen e ilahi k dushman

Badr o Hud say bhaagnay walon aakhri hamla baqi hai

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