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16 Moajzay..

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Salaam SC. :)

Hope everyone is having a good Ramadan. :) May Allah forgive our sins and accept our prayers. Ameen. :)

I needed help in finding something.

Does any one have a link or know where I can buy online the book on Miracles? I remember in Pakistan there was a book called 16 Moajzay. and we used to read/listen to it when one would make a mannat, most of the time Miracles of Imam Ali (as)

I had this book but somehow have misplaced it. Does any one know where I can get this in Toronto, or online?

Your quick reply will be really appreciated.

Thanks and you have a great day! :)

Fi amaan illah

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Thanks for the replies..

thats kinda not very good. lol.

we were in need of the book to fulfil the mannat.

aliadams.. thanks for the document.. i will read it when i get a chance. :) InshaAllah

Thanks again.. and Jazakallah :)

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