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did any one know where can i find this

Kamli wale mohammad toon main jawan sadqe (Jinhen aa ke ghareeban dee banh phar layee)by Nusrat fatha ali

If its with music than its haraam as i know qawali is haram!

its like putting a quranic verse in a glass of alcohol, thats what i have heard!

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just listen this one and put your comments i am sure this will take to other world.

i dont know the name of person who is reading this QASIDA but Allah has given him very nice voice


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I heard these great manqbats on youtube and thought id share here...i really liked em :)

plz have a lis on youtube and can be downloaded from many nawha manqbat websites...plz lis to all and also if you havent heard 1st album plz lis to it as well

the girl fatima dhamani sounds soo much like fatemah ladak, at first i thought it was the same girl but then found out their different...

neway would like to say that we should support such upcoming talent in our community and give em as much support as possible

here it the youtube link:

plz do share thankyou...

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