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Abu Tufayl

Please translate fatwa

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Ok I'll try :D


the source of the supplication hasn't been fully supported, and we are keeping its original text..

because in this supplication your asking a "shafa'ah" intercession from the infallible himself "the 12 Imams+ the prophet+" not Allah, while the Quran states that you should only ask Allah for "shafa'ah", who then allows the infallible to do "shafa'ah" for the people.

In Thursday supplication by Imam Zain Alabdeen, he says: "and make my "tawsl" begging with the prophet beneficial" which means that a person should ask Allah to validate the infallible's "shafa'ah" & to accept it..

Hope that makes sense. :)

BUT.. lool.. I didn't want to say my opinion, but I couldn't help it, so I'll just make it short :D in this same supplication.. you say: "إنا توجهنا Ùˆ استشÙعنا بك عند الله" meaning that we are asking the infallible to ask Allah for us to forgive us and what not. So, you aren't really asking the "shafa'ah" from the Imam. You are just saying that you want him to help you in asking Allah. :D that's it.

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well.. from what I understood, it was more like a no than a yes.

and yah it's such a nice du3a :D best read on Tuesday night :)

keep me in ur prayers

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